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Lancer Introduces the L12 Advanced Warfighter MagazineNew Hybrid Magazine Developed for .510 Beck

Quakertown, PA – January 7, 2016 – Lancer Systems LP, a leading advanced weapons and components engineering company, today announced its new L12 Advanced Warfighter Magazine (AWM), a single stack hybrid magazine engineered for the new .510 Beck cartridge developed by Beck Defense. The L12AWM will be available in both a five round and seven round option. The magazine will debut at SHOT Show(r) 2016 in Lancer’s booth, #7503.

Like all Lancer hybrid magazines, the L12AWM features a lightweight, high strength polymer magazine body with hardened steel feed lips. It is this hybrid design that makes Lancer’s magazines the most reliable magazines in the industry.

The L12AWM is capable of reliably feeding a wide range of projectile weights, from a 327 grain controlled chaos round, to a 680 grain solid brass subsonic round, with future plans to increase projectile weights. The magazine was engineered to handle the relatively short .510 Beck patented brass case loaded with a high grain projectile, giving the 50 caliber round maximum stopping power within a mid-size (.308) AR platform. Further details on the .510 Beck cartridge to be announced by Beck Defense at SHOT Show 2016.

“The L12AWM is the latest evolution in our magazine line, building off of the engineering and design that went into the L5AWM, L7AWM and SIG Sauer(r) MPX hybrid magazines,” explained Kas McManus, business area manager of advanced weapons & components at Lancer. “We’re proud to partner with Beck Defense on this project and introduce a hybrid magazine for the .510 Beck cartridge that is unlike anything else out there.”

The L12AWM will be available third quarter 2016.



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