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Un-Filmed White Phosphor Gen3 Night Vision Available From TNVC


Un-Filmed White Phosphor Gen3 Night Vision is now available in TNV/PVS-14 and TNV/Sentinel NVG’s. L-3 Un-Filmed White Phosphor tubes are currently in use by SOF units for their increased clarity, 15-20% more light transmission, and increased performance in lower light conditions. These same exact tubes are now available at TNVC.


3 Responses to “Un-Filmed White Phosphor Gen3 Night Vision Available From TNVC”

  1. jbgleason says:

    This is really cool. I know they have been doing special runs for certain units for years but never thought I would see these on the open market. Would love to see a video shot side by side.

  2. EODe says:

    White Phosphor has been around nearly 10 years. It came to SOCOM directly from off-shore 7 years ago in UNS’s and other fielded hardware. It’s not new.
    Depending on what your doing application and environmental wise, white or green can make no difference or significant lean/gain towards the hard to define advantageous of physiological interpretation.
    White “feels” good in the dark, but washes out far faster in any area that the tube struggles to mange a surplus of light-like turning your head from one area to another from dark to light-then back. This is very tube based as well, phosphor color aside.
    SOCOM bought roughly 50% of the last order in white, remaining 50% or so in green. Mostly, folks prefer different or individual shade of green, not white or a certain “P” number. The gain tends to do this for the color tint as much as it does for the brightness. Hence the 31’s getting better (tube only) feedback than the 15’s with the same tubes (weight aside). The gain personalized many issues per individual.
    Just ensure before you invest big you don’t trend with EO, it’s your eyes and that’s what usually counts the most-seeing. This is a very personal item and expensive.
    I have both and don’t like one more than the other when there is a gain control. The tube specification mean more than the phosphor generally. Turbo charged or supercharged-it how you want to lay the power down.

  3. Rockhammer says:

    Does the absence of a film reduce the durability or useable lifetime of the tube?

    Does the lack of a film affect battery life in any way?