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OR – NanoHeat Blanket from Adventure Medical Kits

This is the new NanoHeat Blanket from Adventure Medical Kits.  It reflects 80% body heat and is water and spill proof yet has a soft hand unlike traditional space blankets.  Silver on one side and green on the other.  Shipping next month.



11 Responses to “OR – NanoHeat Blanket from Adventure Medical Kits”

  1. Low Speed Lower Drag says:

    What shade of green is it exactly?
    Relatedly, do they have plans to release it in other colors, say orange/red?

  2. Matt says:

    What do you mean it has a soft hand?

  3. LowSpeed says:

    I’ve been using their bivy in the field for some time. Its small form factor and low weight is extremely welcome. I still do bring the issued goretex bivy to complement it (for wet wx) and to have my heavy gear on top of. More often than not I can get away with just the bivy in temperate weather. I bring it with me everywhere now, even on TDYs where I have a regular room.

    I hope they make a bivy from this newer design. (Or I’ll just purchase two and make it myself)

  4. Looks like an excellent, and quiet, way to augment my woobie

  5. Ken Galbraith says:

    Do you know if the NanoHeat Blanket will be available to see at the upcoming SHOT Show? I’d be interested in seeing it first hand!

    • SSD says:

      If they are there, they’ll have it.

      • Ken Galbraith says:

        Thanks. Yep…I just looked AMK up on the floor plan for SHOT 2016. They will be there at booth 3244. I’m intrigued by it for inclusion in a Go Bag and also to combine with a Hill People Gear Mountain Serape.