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Strike Force from MATBOCK


So what is Strike Force. It’s little packet but packs a huge strike…(cough) force! This packet contains the same amount of energy as 2 Redbulls but is sugar/calorie free. A StrikeForce box holds 10 packets (picture) and retails for $10. MATBOCK also offerS 100 qty boxes as well.

I’ve tried it several times and I like the taste. What’s more, this liquid can be added to any potable water so there’s no need to transport loads of energy drink cans.

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26 Responses to “Strike Force from MATBOCK”

  1. AUSRAR says:

    Looks interesting -be good to try at SHOT16

  2. Kevin says:

    I need a pallet!!

    • MATBOCK_CEO says:

      A large USPS flat rate box full of strike force packets is equal to 2 pallets worth of Redbulls.

      As for mixing it – you can just mix it straight into vodka. Some have done it with a splash of soda water, but from what we have heard its great just with vodka and atrike force 😉

  3. Brannon LeBouef says:

    Does it help if I wash it down with Oral IV?

    😉 Definitely want to grab some at SHOT.

  4. Bearded Swede says:

    “This packet contains the same amount of energy as 2 Redbulls but is sugar/calorie free”

    I’m no scientist, but how the hell can it contain twice the energy of a Redbull, while still contain zero calories?? Last time i checked calories was a measure of energy.

    • Dr0 says:

      Now the caffeine is called energy, 70g per serving, 140g per pack. There’s almost nothing else

  5. Ed says:

    Reading the package labeling:

    Energy as in a source of carbohydrates? No.

    140 mg caffeine, 100% RDA of Niacin, B6 and B12 per serving.

    For caffeine levels in various forms of coffee, tea, soda and chocolate:

  6. Ed says:


    70 mg caffeine per serving.

  7. Weaver says:

    So no actual energy, but a caffeine boost and a false-warm feeling from the B Complex vitamins.

    Throwing some sugar in there would make it actually useful.

  8. d says:

    How can we pre-order this?

  9. Steve says:

    Tastes like Red Bull? Yeah, no thanks.

  10. bulldog76 says:

    hmm make it taste like rip it and you will have a winner 😉

  11. Rob Collins says:

    Snortable Red Bull… Sorry folks, but somebody IS going to try that….