Streamlight Stinger 2020

See the Cell Vault from Thyrm at SHOT Show

Attachable, waterproof battery and gear storage with a sub-1 MOLLE column footprint is almost here. Launching at SHOT next week! 


12 Responses to “See the Cell Vault from Thyrm at SHOT Show”

  1. BAP45 says:

    So a little off topic but anyone know what knife that is? It looks really familiar?

    • T says:

      Looks like the Gerber Strongarm. They have several fixed blades that look very similar, and all are fairly solid.

    • mike says:

      The Strongarm is a great successor to the Prodigy and the sheath is pretty damned good for a mass-produced knife like that. Horizontal belt carry with included hardware!

  2. mike says:

    This battery case is bad ass. Anyone know what its IR signature is like?

  3. Major_Northeast_City says:


  4. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I have a plain edge black Gerber Strongarm, for the price an extremely capable knife, great handle ergo’s.
    Takes a serious beating and keeps on ticking!

    Several Gauntlet tests using the same knife passed around:

  5. DNA Guns says:

    Whats your booth number at Shot Show?