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FirstSpear Range Day – Oakley Alpha Ecosystem

The Alpha Ecosystem from Oakley is a modular and scalable eye protection system that consists of multiple components.  The critical component is the common Alpha lens which was developed using the same eye tracking work studies that spawned last year’s Tombstone glasses.  Those studies included shooting, CQB, fast roping and mobility.  This time the application is all about tactical use and the field of view is awesome.  

The system consists or a frame, a goggle and a helogasket using the common Alpha lens. This is huge for the operator as well as his logistics support.  

The lens is held in place with a three point retention system.  Interestingly, this almost rimless design also allows the lens to vent and prevent fogging.  Lens technologies for this system are Prizm Shooting and Prizm Snow.  The Prizm variants TR45 is for low and bright light and TR22 is for bright light.  Both lens colors are offered on the Special Operations Eyewear Program.  

Frames are available in Black, Tan 499 and White.


5 Responses to “FirstSpear Range Day – Oakley Alpha Ecosystem”

  1. JJ says:

    Any word on prescription options?

  2. Craig says:

    I would LOVE to own several of Oakleys glasses,and boots,but, since I am no longer Active Duty SOF,and just a Vet,I can’t afford the prices Oakley charges hipsters and civilians.

    Does anyone know of a place that gives Veteran discounts on Oakley products?

    Mind you,I’m NOT complaining per se, just questioning what options are available for those of us who are (still) Oakey’s customer base, but not in HS SOF units that get it issued. I have bought 2 of their packs full price,so not being a dick,just seeking information.

    (FYI-great packs,the “ICON” packs,, but,with no available “Warranty” like Eagle and others,I don’t think I would get another…the boots and glasses,however,I absolutely love,and would love to be able to replace on my own dime)