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LASD Purchases SOTech Patrol First Aid Kits


SOTech proudly announces that the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has ordered close to 1000 SOTech Patrol First Aid Kits. 100 of those kits are modified for issue to LASD’s elite Special Enforcement Bureau (SWAT). Of special note, the LASD Patrol set includes a tourniquet belt pouch which will be added to the officer’s gun belt. This pouch slides over SOTech’s belt hanger adapter which LASD already issues to attach their Taser holster, and now their IFAK. In 2015 LAPD bought 2700 of SOTech’s Basic IFAK which is nearly identical to the LASD version, but LAPD has not opted to include a tourniquet belt pouch yet. Both the LASD and LAPD IFAKs mount using SOTech’s patented Speed Clip system which can attach to a belt, MOLLE vest or clip on as a thigh rig. SOTech sells numerous versions of the Speed Clip Rig including the IFAK, Taser and M4 magazine rigs.

The history behind this design and LASD and LAPD’s involvement dates back to 1999 when we developed our Patrolman’s Medical Thigh Rig with officers and deputies from both departments. Ironically we found two officers still using these original rigs over 15 years later. The PMTR was a basis of design for the 30,000 SOF IFAKs that SOTech produced for USASOC and SOCOM throughout the GWOT. So it was fitting that LAPD and LASD approached SOTech in 2012 to develop what was then either a vehicle or an individual mount. SOTech also supplied 5000 slightly modified versions of this design to a federal law enforcement agency.

These kits are offered filled or as the pouch alone. Check them out at SHOT in the SOTech Booth 20113.


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