SHOT Show – Industry Day At The Range – Standard Manufacturing SKO


Along with the double-barrel pump action DP-12, Standard Manufacturing brought along a prototype shotgun called the SKO. A magazine-fed semi-auto 12 gauge, there wasn’t too much information available for the SKO, other than it’s currently in testing, it features AR-style controls, magazines of capacities from 3-25 rounds will be offered, and it might be out anytime between later this year and sometime in 2017.


Oh, and there’s also a bullpup configuration called, appropriately enough, the SKO-Bull.


3 Responses to “SHOT Show – Industry Day At The Range – Standard Manufacturing SKO”

  1. Adun says:

    A reliable, magazine fed, semi-auto bullpup would be awesome. I am definitely going to be keeping an eye on this one. I wonder if it will be able to take anything larger than 2 3/4?

  2. Texas-Roll-Over says:

    give me the bullpup…

  3. Hobbs says:

    If that bullpup works as good as it looks, they’ve got a winner on their hands, and a future customer in me.