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It’s been a while since we last posted anything on the MOHOC Elite Ops Camera, and while nothing has changed with the camera itself, there are two new updates worth covering. First, it’ll be available for general purchase very soon; we were told approximately within a week after SHOT. Until now, sales have generally been restricted to Military and Law Enforcement. The second announcement is MOHOC is working on developing a line of accessories for the Elite Ops Camera.


This is the Flat Surface Mount. This mount not only accounts for the curvature of the MOHOC camera, providing a flat surface for the camera to sit on, but it also features a 1/4″ thread and two mounting sockets on the bottom.


This mount mates with any accessories which utilize a 1/4″ screw, such as the generic miniature tripod seen below:


MOHOC also developed a KeyMod compatible attachment system which mates with the mounting sockets on the flat mount, allowing for users to attach the Elite Ops Camera to their weapon.


MOHOC also developed this GoPro mount-compatible adapter, due to the wide availability GoPro accessories on the market, and their wide adoption.


What you see below is a Dog mount for the MOHOC, which is worn like a collar and positions the the camera right between the dog’s ears.


Below is a shoulder strap adapter, which attaches to a shoulder strap on a pack or armor carrier.


Finally, MOHOC has developed a nylon carrying case for the Elite Ops Camera.


Additionally, MOHOC has been working on an accessory door which features cut outs for the HDMI and USB ports inside the Elite Ops Camera.



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