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SHOT Show – Yeti Coolers

Yeti has introduced three new kitchen-grade steel bottles.  

Offered in 18, 36 and 64 oz models, the cap handles are large enough to get multiple fingers in for carriage.  Additionally, they’ve introduced a double gasket system that keeps the liquid for days.  This isn’t a backpacker’s bottle.  It’s designed for working folks who normally destroy gear.  Look for these mid-Spring.

The softsided Hopper is now available in a 40 quart version.  A perfect pair for use with it, is the Yeti ice.  It’s shatter proof, packs efficiently, is colder and lasts longer than traditional ice.  Plus, it’s reusable.  



4 Responses to “SHOT Show – Yeti Coolers”

  1. reverend says:

    If those rambler bottles are naglene accessory compatible, I can see some of my money being spent! And I can see that 64 oz as my new “Growler” for the local brewery.

  2. Riceball says:

    What’s the advantage of the Yeti Ice over other similar products? I’d imagine that they’re probably sized to go perfectly with Yeti coolers but aside from that is there any advantage over some generic brand stuff? Note, I’m not criticizing but I am genuinely curious.

    • Dan says:

      I bought the Hopper 20 and Yeti Ice. Froze it, used it once, then subsequently stopped using it.

      You buy beer, they sell real ice, it saves a step.

    • Austin says:

      We tried it with both a Hopper 20 and Tundra 50. It has a higher specific heat than water, so stays colder marginally longer. They also are sized for yeti coolers. We were able to alternate layers of Yeti Ice, meat, and regular ice to fit a little extra food in the Tundra for a river trip in the fall. In the Hopper it is kind of annoying to use, as regular ice fills the soft sided cooler up more efficiently. Good product, but not a necessity.