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SHOT Show – Winkler Knives

I’ve got three cool things for you from Winkler.    

First off, any Winkler knife is now available in a training version which is made from nonmarking plastic.

This is the new Extrication Axe.  It’s longer and beefier than the Rescue Axe.  

Finally, is a new version of the Dagger.  This NSW Dagger has a rubber handle for grip.


4 Responses to “SHOT Show – Winkler Knives”

  1. Texpenn says:

    Thanks for the yogurt pants.

  2. Dellis says:

    Axe looks really nice but why on earth not a true handle instead of the cord?

    Anyone who has used a cord wrapped axe/knive for a period of time comes to the conclusion that real grips are needed or gloves. Winkler makes kick-ass tools and he is far more knowledgeable in this area than I am so is there a reason for cord over wood or micarta handle?

  3. Michael Zupcak says:

    Winkler Knives? Are the sheaths made from Fonzie’s leather jacket?

  4. darrel says:

    I strongly dislike cord wrapped handles on expensive knives. If I’m spending several hundreds of dollars on a winkler product, I want a quality handle.

    I understand that it’s just an option, but he should knock off 30% or more of the price, since the perfectly fitted wood or rubber handles are a big part of the pricetag.