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SHOT Show – Winkler Knives

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

I’ve got three cool things for you from Winkler.    

First off, any Winkler knife is now available in a training version which is made from nonmarking plastic.

This is the new Extrication Axe.  It’s longer and beefier than the Rescue Axe.  

Finally, is a new version of the Dagger.  This NSW Dagger has a rubber handle for grip.

Winkler Axes

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Soldier Systems Daily is pleased to be fortunate to present what is the first in a series of articles on the work of legendary knife maker, ABS master smith Daniel Winkler. His work is no stranger to those seeking no nonsense tactical and custom knives. In particular, many are seeking out his family of axes and if you have seen the movie “Last of the Mohicans”, you know of his work. He designed the hawk used by the character Hawkeye. It is our goal to educate a wider audience about his creations and hopefully facilitate some introductions to the right tools for the right users.

Sayoc/Winkler R&D Hawk

The Sayoc/Winkler Hawk is a collaboration between Daniel Winkler and chief Sayoc Tomahawk fighting instructor Rafael Kayanan and the design is heavily influenced by the Filipino Sayoc Kali fighting style. It was designed with edge awareness, economy of motion and mobility in mind. The weight is distributed so that the heaviest area rests at the head, with a full tang and 13″ handle. It is available with a standard head or with front spike and comes with a Maple or Rubber handle. A good background article was printed recently by Blade magazine.

Winkler WWII Combat Axe

The WW II combat axe is available with a Maple or Rubber handle and the sheath features a Tek-lok belt attachment. Discounts are available for military personnel.

The two axes we wrote about today are available as open purchase items. Our next article will discuss are restricted to a select customer base.

Daniel Winkler’s work can be purchased from his website.