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I Haven’t Laughed This Hard In Quite Awhile

Thanks Jon C for the laugh!

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  1. Low Speed says:

    LMFAO Um.. I had no idea airsoft could shoot that fast….

    Also, from the title alone I was expecting this classic:

  2. Dustin says:

    Outstanding. The scruples are off the charts.

    • Dustin says:

      I like how everyone looks at the dude with the camera all at one and `whys` him in unison.

      “Why are you saying what?!”

      “We need to call the cops!”

    • BillC says:

      Oh Ma Ga!!!! The way that kid who gets the full 9 yards drops his “rifle” is hilarious.

  3. Some Airsofter says:

    That’s like 350 feet per second at about 30 rounds per second… poor kid.

  4. Paul says:

    “He burned my patch.”


      • Paul says:

        Yeah dude, sort out your blog post. That shit’s in bad taste. You may not “condone” the shooter’s actions but you sure as hell see a lot of humor in seeing a schoolkid getting lit up the way he did. Right?

        • SSD says:

          They’re playing airsoft. The point of airsoft is to shoot one another with plastic BBs. They were at a field and all jocked up. They had eyes and ears on. The kid who got stitched knew he might be shot with BBs and yet was there anyway.

          You guys are acting like he walked up to him on the street and did a hit on the kid with an actual firearm. I’m sorry the reality of the situation is lost on you.

          I laughed multiple times. First, when he unexpectedly unloaded on him. Then, when the kid went down with the bees. Next, were the two kids looking back and forth and back and forth. I also chortled when he said he did it because he burned his patch. And finally, I had a good chuckle when some knucklehead said they should call the cops. It was MilSims “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in the war room” moment.

          • BrianTheAmerican says:

            The difference is that the homie who lit the kid up was using a weapon powered by HPA. An HPA system can be easily an quickly adjusted on-the-fly by anyone irresponsible enough to spend about a grand of their parents money to fire at ridiculous speeds.

            We had a guy who was using one of these HPA P* systems at the field I used to play at in San Diego who passed chrono, then cracked the compression on the system so high that he was bending and breaking the steel mesh facemasks. Needless to say he was blacklisted from all San Diego fields.

            I don’t know for certain whether or not the person in the video did what the guy at my field did with his compression system, but from the noise it made it certainly sounds like he might have.

            In the end though it’s only BB wars. Idk why people take it so seriously.

            • T says:

              Gee, that sucks. We used to shoot bottle rockets at each other RPG style out old pipes. With no eyes, and who had heard of ear pro?

          • Cuvie says:

            It’s just poor sportsmanship, really. They’re supposed to be on the same team and I think the shooter is part of a group of people who are out or something. He waits til the kid’s back is turned and just dumps into him. While kinda funny to see, it’s still a real dick move over something incredibly petty

        • SVGC says:

          He doesn’t have to sort out anything. You don’t have to be here. You don’t have to be so offended by children playing BB gun war. There’s been a lot of crybaby BS here lately on a blog that I thought was occupied overwhelming by a certain type of person, seems to not be the case. The video and all the reactions are priceless, that kid got filled in!

      • RockStarArtist says:

        This video should be posted before the kid getting pelted by the airsoft camera man video. Then it will make sense to a lot of people…and then it becomes hilarious. Without context i was lost…. but now… i am found.

  5. Brent says:

    I must really be missing something. One kid feels there are no concequences for purposefully hurting someone else. The other kid is hurt. This is sad on all levels to me. It is sad how many people in this world have no sense of judgement.

    • Casual Observer says:

      Agreed. This is pretty much the equivalent of some immature douche sucker-punching a kid because he slighted him. (minus the potential concussion)

      Sure, he’ll survive, but it’s a scummy thing to do.

  6. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Why is this on a website that’s supposed to be about industry news?

    • SSD says:

      Because I thought it was funny, that’s why.

      • Joe Hall says:

        Fuk yes! Watching a 15 year old give it to a 13 year old reminded me of what it was like when I grew up, except; no eye protection, real bb guns, no adults, and no cameras! YAY for cameras, boo for all the whipped individuals who want to pacify our kids, and yes I have two, and if you go delve into all the facts behind what actually happened like I did for the last hour, you will realize a couple of things; Airsoft is ghey, they’re fucking kids and kids do dumb sit all the time, more power to em…

        • St says:

          Here here

          • GreenTip556 says:

            Looks like I accidentally ended up on SocialJusticeWarriorSystems.net

            It’s a fuckin plastic bb and watching that kid go down so fast his gun damn near froze in place like a looney toons episode was freaking hysterical.

          • Muzzle Flash Media says:

            You needed an hour of research to realize airsoft is they??? Seriously though that shit was funny!

            • Muzzle Flash Media says:

              ** “Ghey” (stupid auto correct!

              • Joe Hall says:

                ‘Research’= Got sucked into reading all the comments on this video an watching airlift youtube videos…I had no idea.

  7. PNWTO says:

    We had a dude try something like this during a paintball gameabout 12ish years ago… we chose to kick the shit out of him rather than turn around stare; oh how times change I guess.

    Hilarious and cringey vid all around, good find.

    • PNWTO says:

      Damn mobile typos… yikes

    • BillC says:

      I shot a paintball ref in the ass several time from about 15 yards 16 years ago when I was a kid because the ref was some lame ass teen who was picking on and being a dick to my friend. I wasn’t having any of it, so I shot his asshole, and again, and again. That punk jumped up so high and yelled soooooo loud. He couldn’t figure out who did it and nobody actually saw it happen. Good times. Lesson is, be nice and don’t be a dick to people with weapons.

  8. Adun says:

    While I understand that this is a bit amusing because we are removed from it all, airsoft guns can still hurt people, especially at close range. The people observing were not involved in the match, so it isn’t the same as if the guy was shot by someone still in the match. We want the airsoft community to have standards so that the people who grow up there can get involved in the firearms community and be safe about it, this video shows the kind of person who we probably wouldn’t want in the firearms community down the road for example.

    • SSD says:

      I’m not really interested in having anyone in the firearms community that can’t distinguish airsoft from actual guns.

      We don’t have “real steel” tournaments where we turn our guns on one another for fun.

      Like I said before, if airsoft is that dangerous, don’t “play” it.

    • Evets Steve says:

      calm down Francis

    • Mr.E.G. says:

      You’re totally right. If kids dick around with toy guns and show a lack of respect for etiquette and rules, that doesn’t bode well for how they’ll one day use real guns. When I play Airsoft with my nephew, if he doesn’t treat it like it’s a real gun (except for when we shoot at one another, of course), then he’s done for the day.

  9. Oh for crying out loud. It’s airsoft, people. If that’s the worst physical pain that kid ever experiences in his life, he should consider himself lucky. Some of you are talking about it like he took hits from live rounds. They’re lightweight, sub-400fps plastic BBs. And shooter was also a kid. I’m with Eric. Video is hilarious. Actions have consequences. And if you don’t want to get zapped, you should maybe stay on the bench. Better the kid learns those lessons now, rather than out in the real world where they’ll really hurt.

    • SSD says:

      This video violates the MilSim code of honor. I get it. But it’s still funny.

      • BillC says:

        I want to watch it again, but I’m at work, and I’ll just start in futility to attempt to suppress the laughs; which just make things worse.

  10. .308 says:

    WHAT THE HECK! haha… idiots.

  11. JM Gavin says:

    I am shocked and dismayed that you feel that this is funny, you should be forced to…to…to go and…aw, screw it, I can’t even pretend to be outraged.

    Lighten up, kids…

  12. xpoqx says:

    Wow, keyboard warriors out in force, so much butthurt Eric might have to send out hemorrhoid cream.

    It’s airsoft you little girls, grow up. Worst case senario is a large amount of incredibly temporary pain, you’ll get lucky if he actually broke skin and caused a small amount of localized bleeding. It’s like a bee-sting assuming the bb actually hits something soft and fleshy and not the 10 layers of clothes kids are wearig plus the kid sized tactical gear.

    This is a “combat sport” with high powered bb guns in which the point is to shoot other players, you even signed a waiver prior to entering the field saying that you both understand and agree to the fact that at some point you will be shot. It might even be freindly fire. Shit people get lit up way worse than that for cheating. If your not prepared to get shot like this, or watch your child get lit up, you shouldn’t be on the field..

  13. Patrick T says:

    So I was eating my Frosted Flakes with chocolate powder and this made me splash them all over the screen. SSD 1 Me 0.

    PS Thank you for the awesome shot show coverage, I’ve checked this space a minimum of 2x daily since late 2014 and I thank you for keeping me up to date and entertained. Keep up the good work.

  14. FHRITP says:

    This was fucking hilarious. Fuck these soft ass beta male bitches who whine about the video.

  15. Somehow I didn’t think this video would get everyone so worked up.

  16. Joe says:

    Public education HAS ruined America. Men are boys, and boys are girls, Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, inclusion is rampant, the Infantry is gender nuetral, hard workerst are laughed at, and Firearms are to be banned. The quinoa eating, limp dicked, b.o. smelling, skinny jeans wearing, Hillary supporting, tree hugging, pervert loving, zombies are here, and here to stay.End rant. Back to designing the best rifle ever.

  17. SMH while airsofting says:

    I laugh at all these videos coming from try-hard whiney California players and the hellholes they play at out there. Impressive well-built fields, but more drama than your mom’s soap operas. No thanks.

    Case in point: player throwing a hissy fit while in-game. Because he got shot. Because he’s probably not good at shooting other people in airsoft. Or in whatever turf war his gang is in right now. >> https://www.facebook.com/TryHardAirsofters/posts/839820382798179

  18. Alex says:

    lol, the best part were those two kids with their synchronized head turns.

  19. Todd says:

    Baw ha ha. Pure shock by everyone and no one doing anything. People just stare at “the shooter” and the patch burner wiggles around on the ground. it could only get better if about ten of them unloaded on the rogue player.

  20. Keld says:

    Funny as fuck. That was hillarious.

  21. JS says:

    well he did burn his patch…….

  22. BillC says:

    If you click on the YouTube link, then click on the link for the original vid, it takes you to Facebook, where one can watch it in HD!!!!

  23. adam says:

    That was some funny shit.

    Some of you girls need to go wipe your pussies and have a good cry then come back here with your man pants on. Jesus christ did some of you get picked on as kids and let it fly?

    • LCSO264 says:

      ^^^^^^this 100%

      the whole airsoft thing befuddles me anyways, but this particular video is hilarious. without really knowing the entire story, I’d wager a bet that the kid who got hosed was being an ARS, and his come up-ins happened to be video’d.

      It’s funny, I’m going to save the link, and periodically watch it for a good laugh….

  24. Jon says:

    I’m surprised that so many people are getting upset about this. We all know there are jerks out there, and they do perverse things to make us laugh from time to time.

    This might spark a little realism in that scenario with some Green – on – Blue action. Take away something from this kids… act like everyone is your best friend, but be ready to shoot them in the face.

  25. Odie Tucker says:

    Should he have done what he did? No. Should I have laughed watching it every time? No. Should I feel bad? No.

    Quality post, I wish there were more like it.

  26. The Beef says:

    Prison rules.. Don’t be a douche, and you wont get piped down when you turn your back.. This is priceless.

  27. SShink says:

    Isn’t bullying illegal now in Kalifornia?

  28. CV76 says:

    For the armchair commandos here, you stand there as a little kid and get lit up like that with HP gear and see how the hell you react. That would make ME laugh.

  29. T says:

    After viewing it several times, I think it would have been even funnier if he had unloaded into the refs and yelled something about leaving for Australia after they mentioned calling the cops.

  30. BLyon says:

    Don’t particularly care about the idiotic behavior of either kid. The annoying aspect is that this video was uploaded at all. The hobby is already in a fairly negative light and immature behavior like this is what will kill it.

  31. Mr.E.G. says:

    First, this video is funny, much the same way that someone falling down the stairs or getting hit by a football in the groin is funny.

    However, I am incredibly surprised that a group of people who claim to be highly concerned with fairness, who hold themselves to a higher standard than most, and who generall regard themselves as salt-of-the earth good guys could defend the actions of the shooter.

    Again, something can be both funny and a shitty thing to do, so I’m not looking down at anyone who laughed. But I am shocked that so many of you defend the shooter.

    That is completely unsportsmanlike behavior, it’s not at all honorable, and with that kind of “firepower” at the shooter’s disposal, this is the equivalent of a high school kid beating up a fifth grader.

    For those of you arguing that it’s jut Airsoft and you’re consenting to get shot by entering the arena, that is a horrible argument. By that logic, if I step into the boxing ring, I’ve tacitly agreed to getting punched in the back of the head after the bell rings. Or by playing football, I’ve agreed to let someone tackle me while I’m sitting on the bench.

    For a bunch of people who spend so much time explaining how honorable you all are, many of you have sure taken the low-ground on this one.

    I’m especially surprised at the site moderator. Again, it’s funny. But, Christ, man, you are really reaching to make yourself seem immature.

    • Danke says:

      Well said.

    • xpoqx says:

      “For those of you arguing that it’s jut Airsoft and you’re consenting to get shot by entering the arena, that is a horrible argument. By that logic, if I step into the boxing ring, I’ve tacitly agreed to getting punched in the back of the head after the bell rings. Or by playing football, I’ve agreed to let someone tackle me while I’m sitting on the bench.”

      No. Your logic is flawed, you haven’t agreed to let any unsportsman like conduct happen. You have agreed that there is some probability that it could happen and that when and if it does happen that you can’t sue. Just like how you have agreed that if your were injured in playing the game isn’t SC Village’s fault.

      By signing the waiver you agreed to willing participate in a “combat sport” and are now complaining due to the fact that your were unfairly injured because of someone’s unsportsman like conduct? TOUGH SHIT YOU AGREED TO PLAY. Unsportsman like conduct happens in every sport and can sometimes result in injury. While it isn’t fair the the injured party YOU WILLING AGREED TO PARTICIPATE IN “COMBAT SPORT” WITH THE POTENTIAL THREAT OF INJURY. You signed a waiver to play, and it’s part of the game, you know the risks.

      If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t play.

  32. Mr.E.G. says:

    First, what in the heck are you talking about lawsuits for? Second, your understanding of consent as a defense is literally wrong. Again, though, that’s not what I was talking about.

    Did anyone in this thread mention liability? We’re talking about being honorable men and not beating on little kids just because we can.

  33. Gibby says:

    Congratulations! SSD has become so popular that people who don’t find this hilarious are now visiting! That’s what you get for providing such a valuable service!

    If you “play” Airsoft, read SSD and are offended by this video and the comments, chances are you are not, or have never been, employed in a profession in which actual violence by the hands of another may cause you injury or death. Nothing against Tactical Fanboy’s site, but comments like “it still hurts” and “unsportsmanlike” belong over there. Not here.

    Laugh on, brothers (and sisters)!

  34. Shane says:

    Yeah it is funny. Sure it is airsoft. No one gets hurt, really, right. Except things like codes , and loyalty, trust even in a bs fantasy game like airsoft. Things that we all have said young people now days do not honor, or follow. So yeah yuck it up , make it seem like any one who says it is not cool, or funny, is a wimp, or feminist. End of the day if you saw your son, or daughter pull that trigger and shoot someone in the back would you be proud, or how would you talk to your son , or daughter if they received those pellets to the back. Actions matter.

  35. Mr.E.G. says:

    Just for the record, I don’t belong to that Airsoft forum. I’m a SSD lurker / occasional poster. In any event, you post off-topic stuff, you get off-topic comments. Isn’t that self explanatory?

    • SSD says:

      Those readers are already here, and they’ve been commenting more. They’re used to commenting on websites.

      • Mr.E.G. says:

        Sorry, but you lost me. Are you saying that Airsoft bros are trolling your site in recent history? Not being a jerk, I just don’t know what your point is.

        • SSD says:

          They’ve been coming here for some time. I’m not sure where you came up with trolling.

  36. Mr.E.G. says:

    No, it’s just that I assumed there was some implication in your statements as opposed to you just making a random declaration. The trolling comment was me taking a stab at interpreting what you’re getting at.

    • SSD says:

      This site wasn’t written for airsofters. It wasn’t written for a lot of people who read it. Regardless, they are more than welcome to read and participate. All I ask is that they keep it civil. In the past, some folks have lost sight of that. They can no longer participate.

  37. JBar says:


    While we’re at it:

    A lot of butt hurt goin on here