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Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Primary Weapons Systems PicMod

PWS displayed this new rail system with their new attachment option dubbed PicMod which offers both Mil Std 1913 Picatinny rail space with embedded KeyMod attachment points.


10 Responses to “Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Primary Weapons Systems PicMod”

  1. DeW says:

    Oooh, KMR barrel nut compatible too?

    • DeW says:

      Just realized on PWS’ product page for the Mod 2 the pics show an under-the-rail clamping system instead of the KMR one here.

  2. fritz bousigschouer says:

    great idea!

  3. Dan S says:

    It’s a paradox

  4. Triji says:

    The design may be PWS’ but that rail is not PWS. uses BCM’s securing hardware, and that rail is branded by what looks like BCM top left first photo. Still its a great idea

    • Brittany S says:

      I think it’s actually their sister company Bootleg’s logo. They do all the DI for PWS according to the PWS rep I spoke with.

  5. Default.mp3 says:

    Note that there’s no adjustable gas block cut out, so it’s not for one of the MK1 Mod 2s. Perhaps PWS or BCM will be selling this rail separately?

  6. N.D. Tyson says:

    Sweet, they fixed Keymod. By adding pic rail to it.