Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Eagle Industries

Eagle Industries had an impressive showing of packs and load carrying gear at this year’s SHOT Show, including their entry to SOCOM’s Jungle Ruck program and a new line of Hypalon pouches.


Maritime Load Carrying Pouch Suite

At their booth, Eagle had their upcoming Maritime Load Carrying Pouch Suite on display. The various pouches are made of 520 4-way stretch material and Hypalon. Pouches, such as horizontal and vertical 9x3x5 Utility Pouches, radio pouches, a low-profile admin pouch, and magazine pouches were shown.

Taking a look at the mag and radio pouches, you’ll notice they have elastic retention and quick-detach buckles, as well as a roll top around the pouch opening; this later feature is intended to provide easier insertion of magazines.


Turtle Assault Pack

The Turtle is a low-profile assault pack, constructed of 500D Cordura nylon. It features an expanding main compartment which will accommodate a hydration bladder, ballistic helmet, or similar sized items. Two expanding external pockets accommodate up to 1 L Nalgene bottles. Additionally, the Turtle can be worn alone, or connected to other Eagle carriers using adapter systems.


Modular Assault Pack

The Modular Assault Pack is constructed of 500D Cordura nylon. The main compartment features an internal zipper and mesh hydration pocket. The included beavertail features a utility pocket, for accommodating a ballistic helmet w/ NVDs or other items needing quick access. Two external side pockets provide additional storage, and the pack has three hydration tube/antenna ports at top left, center, and right sides. The Modular Assault Pack also comes with a fully adjustable and removable MOLLE War Belt, and can be worn standalone or attached to other Eagle carriers using adapter systems.


Jungle Ruck

This was Eagle’s entry into SOCOM’s Jungle Ruck Sack program, with 2600 cu in. of storage, yet weighing only ~4 lbs (3.98 lbs) unloaded. It features a removable top, and a clam shell rear opening, which allows entry into the main compartment.

The Jungle Ruck comes with a removable Beaver Tail, as well as a radio cradle, comms porting, and Hypalon routing on the shoulder straps. The hydration compartment is accessible through the main compartment or the side of the pack, which also provides direct access to the pack frame. Additional features include a padded reinforced hip belt, padded spacer mesh on the back and shoulder straps, and side compression straps.


Assault Pack V2

The Assault Pack V2 features a 3200 cu in. capacity, with a removable 600 cu in. top lid. The main compartment features internal mesh pockets, as well as hydration and radio pockets, with comms and hydration passthrough.

The Assault Pack comes with side stowage sleeves, as well as Nalgene bottle pockets. Additionally, the frame suspension system on the Assault Pack V2 is fully adjustable.


Operator Gun Belt, Version 2

The Operator Gun Belt now features a COBRA buckle, rated at 2000 lb tensile strength. The belt itself is constructed of 1.75″ webbing, with a polyethylene stiffener for durability, and is duty back compatible with 1.5″ loop throughout the inside of the belt.



15 Responses to “Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Eagle Industries”

  1. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    Looks well-made as always, excited about the Turtle Pack. I’d spoken to Eagle about it before for the Aero vest (I believe it’s a development of that backpanel design?). The new assault pack looks very interesting – it’s a shame that Eagle products are almost impossible to get commercially (one vendor, EntryGear, to my knowledge – and his fill time is hit or miss).

    • Stephen says:

      What I don’t get is why they don’t use multicam jacquard weave webbing where they can instead of the solution dyed webbing since it fades and is rather dark/off in appearance compared to actual multicam??? A lot in industry have gone on to adopt this as standard for multicam, not sure why Eagle, leader in industry, cant get with the times… I understand it costs more but come on… I have an AERO SOFBAV with the weave, but even at shot show the SOFBAV on display was sporting the older solution dyed webbing… First Spear definitely looks to be ahead in the game these days.

      • Phil says:

        neither does the inventor of multicam, crye.

      • Lasse says:

        I hate to nitpick (just kidding, I love it), but this webbing isn’t solution dyed unless it’s solution dyed white. This is printed webbing, which is one of the reasons why it fades. A solution dyed product can’t really fade, as the color is melted into the yarn when it’s spun.

        And this type of webbing (from Texcel) is more abrasion resistant than the stuff Murdoc offers from what I’ve seen. And I’m pretty sure the price of printed webbing is higher than the jaquard. My guess is that they simply offer different values, one is a more accurate color match, the other one is durability.

  2. Oscar says:

    I wonder when these products will be uploaded onto Eagle’s website

    • Adrian says:

      No kidding man. No point in making products if they aren’t going to push the products to the customers.

  3. Lean-N-Supreme says:

    Anyone know any retailers carrying Eagle products? Can’t find their products anywhere.

    • ThatBlueFalcon says:

      Entrygear.com (Tactical Advantage)

    • straps says:

      Entry Gear and OPT get select pieces like Yotes and Armor carriers now an again.

      Eagle seems to be almost exclusively contract sales nowadays. In comparison, sales to individuals are a PITA.

    • Chris K. says:

      O P Tactical will continue to carry select items as long as we can work it out with Eagle to make it viable. This hopefully will be the case in the near future.

  4. That Jungle Ruck honestly blew me away when I picked it up. I can’t imagine I’ll ever get to try one but I really hope to hear test results some day from anyone who tries it out while fully weighted.

    Here’s hoping us mortals can actually get hold of some of the pouch line too.

  5. Mike D says:

    Modular Assault Pack? Hmmm, the MAP I remember was a little more plain and streamlined. Either way, glad to see that Eagle is moving forward and trying to catch back up!

  6. james says:

    Eagle can make pretty good kit and I know the craziness to get your samples ready for a big show…

    But the bar tack on the zipper pull is not even close… God is found in the details and that just does not represent well for them.

    As for the pack design… pretty spiffy!