FirstSpear Friday Focus – VAS Soft Harness


The VAS (Vision Augmentation System) Soft Harness is an adjustable harness which allows the wearer to comfortably mount a single or multi-tube NVD or other device when a helmet is not feasible or necessary. The VAS features an adjustable chin strap with positive lock hardware, which is coupled with a TW Cam-Fit system with Boa dial. Also included with the VAS are key spots for cable management, as well as attachment fields for IFF and the FS Helmet Cover Battery Pack.


The VAS Soft Harness is available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam, sizes Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. – VAS Soft Harness


2 Responses to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – VAS Soft Harness”

  1. Hobbs says:

    Looks like the old Skull Crusher harness is alive and well and much less…skull crush-y.

  2. Jian Hong says:

    I finally used the USGI skull crusher for the first last weekend doing a night hike with my new PVS-14s and of course it lives up to its name. So glad I never had to use that POS while active duty. This new harness looks awesome but at that price I might as well save up for an Ops Core FAST.