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First-Light USA “GRIPS” Design Standard Brings New Ideas To Low-light Shooting

Las Vegas, NV (January 19, 2016) – Since 2004, First-Light USA has been the innovation leader in the design and manufacturing of hands-enabling tactical lighting tools available for use with firearms. First-Light USA lighting tools are used extensively by the U.S. military and federal law enforcement agencies that depend on First-Light USA products in life or death situations. It should come as no surprise then, that all of the company’s lighting tools are measured against a stringent internal design standard called GRIPS before they can be released.

“First-Light USA was founded on the idea that we can improve low-light performance in a firearm,” said CEO Jeremy Ross. “Our tools are designed for the demands of military, law enforcement, and personal defense applications. That’s why every light we make has to meet a strict design standard we call GRIPS. It stands for Grip – Retention – Improved Performance and Safety,” he said.


The unique ergonomics of First-Light USA’s products allow the user to maintain a two-handed grip when shooting, similar to how people train with no light in hand. This differs from most tube light techniques that force the user to shoot with only one hand making recoil management difficult.


The retention features on the light lets the operator use his or her hands while maintaining positive control of the light which helps keep the user focused on the situation at hand. This lets them reload on the move, clear malfunctions faster, and minimize the time they have to take solid light blinding light off of an adversary.

First-Light USA hands-enabling lighting tools remove the limitations of a traditional, tube-shaped flashlight and give the user full use of his or her hands. This allows them to perform tasks like two-handed shooting, K-9 handling, reloading, or clearing weapon malfunctions. Other advantages include immediately lighting the target, rapid follow up shots and faster reloads.


Ross believes safety is neglected in the tactical lighting space. “Mounting a light directly to a firearm is not safe,” he said. “It causes you to point your muzzle at things you shouldn’t.” First-Light products are designed to be safe for the user as well as anyone they come in contact with. They adapt to users’ movements and leave their hands free to safely and quickly perform any task.

The company’s self-regulation of its tactical lights with the GRIPS system enables the tools to meet the strict requirements of the defense industry and as a result, First-Light USA lights have become standard issue for every US Army Medic along with Abrams M-1 tank crews. Additionally, thousands of US Border Patrol officers across North America have discovered the hands-enabling advantage First-Light USA lighting tools bring to the field.
First-Light USA’s four hands-enabling, lighting tool platforms, Liberator, Tomahawk, T-MAX, and TORQ, each offer advances in ergonomic design that deliver performance enhancing capabilities.


2 Responses to “First-Light USA “GRIPS” Design Standard Brings New Ideas To Low-light Shooting”

  1. defensor fortismo says:

    My unit was issued tomahawks a while back and they’re ok. The integrated ring is nice, but they built way to many bells and whistles into the control panel. If they were to find a way to boost the output and have one that runs exclusively on a on/off switch, I could get behind it. Not enough to get rid of my wml, mind you, or even my surefire, but enough to take them seriously

    • Bill says:

      The Tomahawk is certainly no more difficult to operate than your typical nuclear power plant or microsurgery robot. I can skillfully use mine as a very expensive paperweight.