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Great American Outdoor Show – Magpul’s Drake Clark

I ran across the Magpul booth and who was there, but the Indomitable Drake Clark.

I don’t know what’s more impressive.  That beard, or the Remington 700 decked out in Magpul furniture.

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9 Responses to “Great American Outdoor Show – Magpul’s Drake Clark”

  1. BAP45 says:


  2. Jeff S says:

    Needs some Lederhosen to go with that beard.

  3. Greg says:

    My money is on the beard, unless Remington has done something to the 700 to make up for the trigger issues of recent years.

  4. Gary says:

    Dude, hipster look is so yesterday…come back to us.

  5. Black6ID says:

    MMMmmmmmmmm. The indomitable

  6. NCO says:

    Beard – weld? He should remove the cheek pad.

  7. Tom says:

    This guy made the show extra awesome, Super friendly and easy to talk to. Showed me how to carve out pmag gen 1 and 2’s to fit a scar16, but recommended just buying gen3’s because they’re much better all around.

  8. ODG says:

    Definitely, undoubtedly the BEARD