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The EOTech Refund Help Line Is Now Open

Call 1 888 EOTHOLO
Option 3 in the sub menu
then, 1 for the refund call center

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7 Responses to “The EOTech Refund Help Line Is Now Open”

  1. oMI27 says:

    Called them, actually spoke to a human, as far as they know check should be arriving in the next two weeks

  2. Easton says:

    Refund request received and approved: 12/25/2015
    Shipped: 12/28/2015
    Delivered: 12/30/2015

    SSD posts Help Line Number: 2/9/2016

    Call placed: 1613 EST
    Deplorable saxophone music…
    Connected: 1615 EST

    Rep states that refund has been “received and processed.” Refunds being issued in a “rolling fashion.” Going out “soon” if check not received in next 2-3 weeks, call back to check status of refund.

    I hope this is helpful.

  3. JKifer says:

    nicely done SSD, thanks for the info.

  4. John says:

    Has anyone gotten a refund for their model 553?

    After waiting for three months for an email response, I finally get one today stating that the 553 was never sold to civilians. And they cannot refund nor return my model 553. My 553 was purchased in a local firearms store!?! And model is still available on Midway, Amazon, and another handful of firearms websites…