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A Little Known Moment In HodgeHistory

Today In HodgeHistory, Feb 16, 1923: Despite curses against it, the sealed burial chamber of Egyptian ruler King Tutankhamen is cracked open.



13 Responses to “A Little Known Moment In HodgeHistory”

  1. Kerbert says:


  2. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos says:

    I’m not saying… well, you know. But it’s all coming together now.

  3. Lcon says:

    Damn it Time Travelers! QUIT TROLLING HISTORY!!

  4. Low Speed Lower Drag says:

    Still more accurate than the actual History Channel.

  5. TWMike says:

    If you get it…you get it.

  6. defiant says:

    “crude – but effective”

  7. Bad Dancer says:

    first read: huh….
    second look: heheheheh

  8. JS says:

    love all of Hodge’s ads!!!

  9. Nick says:

    surprised by the lack of ancient aliens in the comments

  10. Jon, OPT says:

    King Tutankhodgemen is a little celebrated figure in world history, good to see him getting some coverage.

  11. Steve S. says:

    The King’s younger, lesser known brother, Prince Tukabuck was fund buried by the strip club just off base inside a pyramid of empty PBR cans.