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Sneak Peek – Low Viz Battle Belt : HSG/HTC Collab

The Low Viz Battle Belt is a collaboration between High Speed Gear and High Threat Concealment.

Coming Soon

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37 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Low Viz Battle Belt : HSG/HTC Collab”

  1. Bill says:

    I want a belt set up that looks “dressy” for suit wear.

    • PNWTO says:

      First Spear Tac Dress Belt. /end

      • Bill says:

        That is actually what I was looking for. I don’t need mags for a long gun but pistol, mags, cuffs, radio, baton is a little too much for regular belts.

        Good one.

    • Dev says:

      Mean Gene Leather does some good stuff as well.

      • BravoMike says:

        Galco SB3 is nice too.

        • Bill says:

          To each their own but leather is probably the worst material for hanging weight off. It stretches, expose it to humidity it will sag, the holes are never spaced right, and get it wet. I spent 13 hours in the rain and my leather gear stayed wet for two weeks. After that I went all synthetic. It dries quicker and doesn’t loose it’s shape.

          If I wanted to run around with a river belt under my suit it may work but that would just look silly.

  2. DatGuy says:

    At what point did “Low Vis(z)” become the same as “Low Pro”?

    When all of this low stuff started, “Low Profile” meant close to the body and very little edges or parting areas, because it presented a….low profile.

    Low Visibility meant you could hide it or wear it under something so no one could see it.

    At some point the two swapped…

  3. USMC ret says:

    Please don’t force more of this HTC crap on us…..

    • SSD says:

      What’s “crap” about it?

      • USMC ret says:

        Have you used it? Radio pouch doesn’t fit radio, holster is rediculously tight even with the tension screw out and everything rides too high on the belt. DoS drank the kool aid on this……

        • SSD says:

          I don’t use a radio but my holster works just fine. As far as it riding too high? Sounds like a preference thing to me. Maybe your hips are too high? Or your waist too low? I bet you wanted something else, didn’t you?

          • USMC ret says:

            I just use whatever I want honestly…the HTC stuff was issued and sits in a locker where everybody elses does too. I don’t understand why you are in disbelief that this system isn’t all that great. And no….I’m not one of your regular haters.

            It may have been a good concept and I remember when this guy was working on it in the man camp but I haven’t came across too many guys that like it. Once you put everything on the belt it doesn’t conform too well around your waist.

            • SSD says:

              I believe you don’t like it. The comment about it not conforming to your waist, I could see. But, it seems to work just fine for others. I mean, if it sucked as much as you say it does, they’d be out of business.

              • USMC ret says:

                How many do they sell that are not agency purchases? Would their private purchases keep them afloat? Like I said, I remember the guy developing this in his room in the man camp, he pitched it to DoS at some point and they bought off on it. Would the demand be there if not for that?

                Do you feel that you lose some of your objectiveness if they provide you with the product? I don’t know if that is the case here but would you spend your money to buy this very expensive “system”?

                It has a narrow market, agencies that have the need for a concealment rig…..average joe, not so much.

                • SSD says:

                  You got yours for free and you hate it, because you didn’t get the one you wanted. Cry me a river. Welcome to being in the military, working for an agency, or being on a contract.

                  Guess what? I paid for mine. If you’re going to publicly accuse me of something you’d better know what the fuck you’re talking about.

                  But who paid for it really doesn’t matter. The thing about kydex is, it’s either great or it sucks. There is no in between. The HTC stuff works. It might not have the name on it that you want, but it’s what was purchased for your use. Maybe it doesn’t fit you the way you want, but for the vast majority of people, it does.

                  Who cares if HTC’s business agency purchases or individual purchases? That’s some goofy shit.

                  What’s more, you’re bitching and moaning about a different product than is the subject of this article. Once again, talking shit about something you don’t know about.

                  We get it, you don’t like it.

                  And yeah, the average joe has a need for whatever he wants. People who look down on armed citizens really piss me off.

                • Brent kusama says:

                  WoW, what a joke! Your bitching about gear that is custom made for your equipment. You say that you keep it in your locker! So what do you use your USMC silkys. This company offers custom products and make $ doing it. And you bitch! Your a fool. I enjoy my holster. And when I was DoS PSS my radio was on my shoulder sling over my back under my soft vest. Not on my waist like some gear queer. Low pro or high vis is relaxed cloths over your crap, in a suit buy a bigger one. Don’t be skin tight like some marine showing off muscles. What’s shameful is I’m great friends with marines. Your the first shit head I would skull fuck. Sinserlly retired Army Brent Kusama!

                  • USMC ret says:

                    Radio was “on your shoulder sling over your back under your soft vest”

                    Please explain to the group how that works…..

                    oh, and skull fuck….I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t happen. It just amazes me how people escalate and go on personal attacks, seriously folks stop drinking all the monsters, flexing in the mirror and give up on the keyboard commando shit.

                    • SSD says:

                      I agree with you on all points.

                    • Brent kusama says:

                      Aw did I hurt your sensitivities. What’s your name Hero? As for shoulder rigs check out ssrh500 radio harness. As to keyboard commando, I’m on my phone with my coffee fingering you given your troll self hides your name, must scared! Sounds like you know Jack about wearing shit. I enjoy HTC products and when it’s convayed that a troll “you” talking shit about what they sell, your person attack as to the “man camp”, dick head it’s called camp grizzly. Clearly you never had to adjust equipment as to interfere with your functions. Have a great day

  4. USMC ret says:

    Oh for fucks sake…..did you have too many red bulls today?

    Nowhere did I say that this isn’t the system that I wanted so Im not sure where you got that from nor did I name drop other companies I prefer, and I guess that you are the same way, is that I’d rather have the latitude to buy and use what works for me rather than being force fed something.

    For the record, I didn’t accuse you of anything. I merely suggested that you may have lost some objectivity if you received it for free (which you didn’t say initially) based on what HTC markets their stuff towards vice individual purchase.
    You should know very well that it matters who is buying stuff like this. There are probably lots of companies out there whose niche is selling to the gov and without those sales would not be around. Thats all I was saying. I’m glad the guys found a market for their stuff and wish them well.

    I don’t give 2 shits what the average joe buys, nor do I care what haley is doing or who gets issued CP stuff, you don’t see me commenting on that. What I did say is that I have experience with this stuff and don’t like it. Thats my opinion….I don’t know why you decided to draw the line in the sand with me in particular but I don’t think that HTC will lose any sales based on what I wrote and probably don’t need you to defend their product.

    I also don’t remember you taking this tone with me when you asked me to get you some purchasing contacts in TC several years ago but I digress……

    • SSD says:

      Purchasing contacts in TC?

    • Brent kusama says:

      You started with “don’t push this crap on us”, you could have simply said I don’t like your gear. End statement. As to TC I know all the head sheds and RSOs. You stated you help setup a contract for this company to TC! I call bullshit and your a lier!!! Can’t fix stupid. There are federal guidelines as to logistic expenditures of contract awards. Also every IPD and APD team buys there own shit. What DOS offers is just the basics. Your a retarded marine and should what that’s like.

      • USMC ret says:

        Look retard….nowhere in anything I wrote did I say I set up a contract with this company for TC. So do us all a favor and actually read the comments before you go shooting off your cock holster, it makes you look foolish.

        Why don’t you go back to doing what you were doing and let the adults talks here.

        • Brent kusama says:

          Clearly you must be disabled and diagnosed with demencia. Your name must be Dory from the move Nemo. Read your last paragraph! Your trolling this site to be a hater of HTC products. I’m here just to fuck with YOU!! Boy

          • USMC ret says:

            So SSD, when does this cross the lines to harassment? This guy says he’s here to fuck with me and is threatening me and its clear from his writing that he’s unstable. I’m notifying law enforcement in San Antonio, TX of this (where I’ve deduced he’s from).

            • USMC ret says:

              And I’m reaching out to my corporate contacts in both TC and IDS to see if he is still employed there and on what level. I’m sure they would be interested to know if one of their folks is acting this way…cleared should be in an armed position especially around me.

              • USMC ret says:


                Clearly shouldnt be in an armed position.

                • Brent kusama says:

                  Right, words are just that words. SAPD and TC would give you a Click thanks for playing. Your a retired/retarded marine disrespecting this company. I question you, accuse you,and now your feelings are hurt… Then leave this page to real ladies and gents who are interested in this companies products. As to threats good luck with that. I don’t hide shit, Google me. You’ll be surprised. I’m like a tv Chanel if you don’t like it change it or turn it off. Cheers

  5. Tim E. says:

    I personally worked with and know the owner of HTC.
    Having said that, that doesn’t get me any free gear.
    I use gear that works for my needs. Gear that doesn’t winds up in a box, I’m sure that’s the case for most of us.
    When I needed a belt, holster and mag pouch a couple months back on a rush order, HTC got on it, got it to me faster than promised and I’ve been using it ever since. No fit problems with the holster whatsoever, kydex is good quality and all the gear met or exceeded my expectations.
    Your mileage may vary but to call their gear “crap” makes me question if there’s personal animosity or jealousy at play because I’ve seen my share of “crap” gear and HTC doesn’t come close to producing anything that’s “crap”.
    Last but not least, I wonder if “USMC Vet” bothered to contact HTC and give them feedback as to what he would like see changed?

    • Brent kusama says:

      I called after his FB posting about this troll. Nope only here. At first thought it was a BW brother but no!

  6. Trunk Monkey says:

    I agree with USMC Ret.
    I actually bought HTC system, I can say that the holster was the best part. I found the entire kydex rig to be too rigid and not comfortable to use. I have since passed it on to someone else.

    • SSD says:

      Like I said, I can see where someone wouldn’t dig the current system when it’s all assembled. It’s different than the other stuff out there.

      But you aren’t agreeing with him. He said the holster was jacked up. You like yours.

  7. 18Derp says:

    Low actually low vis, wouldn’t that new unity belt kick the crap out of this thing?