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SOG MacV Tool

Yes, I realize the name looks backward, but it’s not. SOG Knives and Tools takes its name from the famed Military Assistance Command Viet Nam Studies and Observations Group. The new MacV tool also takes its name from the parent command.


Integrating 12 tools, the MacV is made from 3Cr13 stainless steel with a hard cased black coating. It is also TSA compliant.



5 Responses to “SOG MacV Tool”

  1. straps says:

    This is the opposite of those brass knuckles cleverly disguised as owl key rings women carried in the 70s.

    Whip this out to fix the blender and she’ll forgive the dad bod…

  2. Bill says:

    TSA compliant? I hate all the harping on the TSA screeners and can’t think of a more thankless and yet incredibly boring job, but I think that about 99% of them will toss this into the grab bag with all the nail clippers and plastic rods otherwise known as kubatons.

  3. Kerbert says:

    Looks cool as hell!

  4. Jim E says:

    Looks TSA compliant to me..no knife, saw or screwdriver longer than 7″

    • Riceball says:

      I don’t know, it looks kind of scary to me. I mean, it’s black and kind of skull shaped, I think that makes it an assault tool that can be used to get into the flight cabin of an airplane, clearly you could use it to unscrew the hinges of the cockpit door or to pry the door open. Alternately, that bottom end of it looks pretty wicked, it might be armor piercing and you might be able to punch holes in the cockpit door and then reach in and unlock the door from the inside.

      I think I should stop now before someone from the TSA reads it and actually takes it seriously and bans all of these utility cards from being taken onboard planes.