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Thyrm – Rescue Orange Cell Vault

The Thyrm Cell Vault is now available in Rescue Orange, featuring the same slim-line, attachable battery and gear storage as the other military/LEO colored models. Consider it for SAR and maritime use as well as survival applications since it will not only hold your CR-123A batteries, but other items as well. Additionally, the Orange really stands out on dark internal MOLLE/PALS panels.


3 Responses to “Thyrm – Rescue Orange Cell Vault”

  1. Ross says:

    I have a pre-production model. This is a great idea that works remarkably well.

  2. DA says:

    This is brilliant. I’ve been on the lookout for a lower cost option to titanium pill fobs, this will fit the bill just right.. one for edc one for emergency gear.

  3. AGL Bob says:

    I like that it comes in hi viz orange for those of us that aren’t under the immediate threat of being shot at. I get tired of tying orange accessory cord on everything.