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Detonation Technology – Folding Grappling Hooks


The Detonation Technology DTGH-2 and 3 Grapples features tines that fold flat so it can be tucked out of the way in a pouch or pocket, then snap open with a twist of the wrist. There are no parts to thread together or lose. Additionally, the tines aren’t too low against the center of gravity making it more appropriate for CIED use as opposed to traditional climbing grappling hooks. As you can see below, the Grapple is quite compact.


Thanks Gene!



11 Responses to “Detonation Technology – Folding Grappling Hooks”

  1. Lcon says:

    Everyday I swear, We come that much closer…. To Batman.

  2. Fail83 says:

    Holy whale farts Batman!!!…WANT!

  3. Tech says:

    Steve from http://www.eod-gear.com sells them. They’re a pretty penny and they’re heavier than you would expect or perhaps even want, but I bought one on an inebriated whim and have to say I like playing with it.

  4. Brutal Buddha says:


    • Tech says:

      Using only dead reckoning and emotions, the smaller one is over one pound but no more than two. I don’t have a kitchen scale to give you exact or I would, so I’ll just close by saying its heft surprised me.

  5. T. J. says:

    Other than the Batman thing…which I totally understand…why? I have never EVER thought to myself…Gee, if only I had a small grappling hook all my problems would be solved.

    • MLW says:

      I don’t think this is designed or marketed as an EDC item. it’s a specialty tool, but if really do use that tool, this is a pretty awesome concept.

      like a stethoscope.. i have rarely, if ever said “man i wish i had a stethoscope right now”, so a sweet new design that is more comfortable or saves space when not in use and deploys rapidly wouldn’t excite me too much. and that’s OK, because i’m not their target market in the first place. but i still recognize and appreciate the engineering and advancement in technology. It doesn’t have to apply to my life to be a useful effort.

  6. Brian says:

    You can NEVER not have a grappling hook in you kit. It’s just one of those things…..

  7. Serg says:

    Hello. Please tell me, send the goods to Russia, how much will it cost Foldable cat how to order. Sincerely Sergei.