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ITS Tactical – New Discreet Messenger Bag


Today, ITS Tactical has released the new version of their Discreet Messenger Bag. The most noticeable change to the Discreet Messenger bag is the Martexin Weather Resistant Waxed Canvas construction, which is met with a contrasting nylon pack-cloth interior. The bag also sports improved modularity, with the four expandable interior SnapPockets being compatible with ITS Zip Bags, which allow for rapid replacement of contents to suit the user’s needs. Additionally, the main interior is loop Velcro-lined, for additional customization with the use of any Velcro-backed accessory.

Each bag is handmade in Texas using 100% U.S. Materials.


– Genuine Martexin Weather Resistant Waxed Canvas
– Hidden Pocket for Tuck-Away Cover and Concealed Front Loop Panel
– AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles for Rugged Durability
– Pass Through Zipper for Quick Access to Bag Interior Via Right or Left Hand Paracord Pull
– Four Expandable Interior SnapPockets™, Lined for Increased Visibility
– Modularity with Optional ITS Zip Bags in Matching Canvas Colorways
– Loop Lined Bag Interior for Attachment of Optional Hook-Backed Accessories
ITS Tech Sleeve
ITS Holster Insert
ITS Shock Cord Insert
– Continuous 2″ Shoulder Strap with Hidden Independent Side Adjustments
– Grab Handle for Off-Body Carry
– Removable and Adjustable Waist Strap for Added Stability During Movement or Luggage Attachment
– Available in Surplus Green and Midnight Black Colorways
– Measures 15″ wide x 11″ tall x 4″ deep (average dimensions, bag will expand/contract)
– Weighs 3 lbs. Naked
– Carry On Approved (fits under seats)
– Made in Texas with 100% U.S. Materials



40 Responses to “ITS Tactical – New Discreet Messenger Bag”

  1. JR says:

    If you use a bag for firearms and accessories, or as a range bag I would recommend not using it for air travel as well. Unless you like extra special attention at the airport. Get a second one as a carry on!

    • 18Derp says:

      Sort of… The chemical scan they swab you for randomly, gun powder as it was explained to me is not one of the correct explosives they are looking for.

      I spent a day at an 8hr handgun class, handled spent brass right before getting on the plane that night, got swabbed, was already prepping to explain why I lit up like they’ve never seen…. And they waved me on through. I looked it up afterwards.

  2. You’re nothing in the gear game without waxed canvas and jungle options.

    Tad rich for me personally, my laptop wouldn’t fit and I’ve just never been a 1 strap kinda guy so I’d rather put in to a pack. Looks like good stuff from ITS as per usual though. I’ve said to EraThr3 they need to do a run on non-armoured baggage.

    • Bryan Black says:

      Gotta have jungle options LOL! Thanks for your support, glad you dig it!

      • Must admit I actually had only seen the gear tasting episode with the mention when I wrote the comment, only saw the full low-down video afterwards.

        The smaller bags fitting so neatly in the messenger’s pockets are seriously satisfying to the OCD neat freak within me. Loving the way the cover for the loop field stows so seamlessly and you took the adjustment off the actual shoulder strap. Oh and the carry handle not being on the lid, that lets down a lot of other similar shaped bags out there.

        Big fan of gear tasting by the way, always looking forward to the next episode. I was disproportionately excited the other day when I found out I happened to already own the exact same Princeton head lamp as you’re running at the moment I have to admit (in a highly un-cool manner).

        • Bryan Black says:

          No worries at all, I’m fairly OCD as well, which you’ll no doubt know from watching Gear Tasting on our YouTube channel. The design features you love have come from a love/hate relationship I’ve had with them personally. Glad you dig the improvements and attention to detail.

          Thanks so much for the kind words on Gear Tasting as well, glad you’re digging the series. That Princeton Tec Headlamp is definitely my favorite thing out right now. *high five*

  3. Mel Terkla says:

    A great looking messenger bag without that generic look that most bags like this have?!

  4. Dev says:

    Shit, I always wanted to get one of the originals but it was always sold out.

    Could see myself getting one of these to compliment my MR Outsider (which has sadly been discontinued?).

    • Bryan Black says:

      Now’s your chance 🙂 Thanks for your interest, I would say you won’t be disappointed with your purchase, but I’m a little biased on that particular subject.

  5. jbgleason says:

    I got one of these way back when they first came out and have abused the holy hell out of it for years with no issues. A true Buy Once Cry Once purchase. Much lower profile / professional than a backpack imo.

  6. Billy says:

    The first bag was awesome, this looks solid as well.

    However, it’s not 100% US materials if they are using Cobra buckles. They should really change that statement.

  7. Ivan says:

    Those are awesome looking bags, and yes, I would like one. That said, I don’t feel that “discreet” and cobra buckles don’t go together.

    • Bryan Black says:

      I hear you Ivan, we struggled with this too during the design process. However, Cobra buckles have infiltrated the tech, outdoor and even hipster markets on bags lately. They’re becoming more common, which is a plus for their usage on a bag that’s trying to fly under the proverbial radar.

      Thanks for the comment and your thoughts!

      • ThatBlueFalcon says:

        Hell, my LL Bean messenger bag has cobra knockoffs. It’s not a target indicator. I dig the bag, if my LL Bean didn’t do the same thing for me already I’d pick it up.

      • Ivan says:

        This is true. Thank you hipsters….with your well groomed feminine beards.

  8. I’m really happy they took their bag in this direction. It was long overdue and I’m happy that ITS and other companies like First Spear are jumping on board. This bag can be thrown onto the modest but growing pile of options for law enforcement and PMCs who need to maintain a reduced posture.

    I think the Cobra buckles are fine too. I agree with Brian in that I’ve seen them used in civilian designed with some increasing frequency.

    I think the more important question is this. Waxed canvas tall boy IFAK when?

  9. Bags like these make me regret getting a massive laptop…

  10. Nice looking bag! The KelTec is pretty funny though! It’s nice to see waxed canvas being used though like many others I have to wonder about the cobra buckles – they probably added a good amount to that price tag. Still, you pay for quality. Hopefully that carries over to the stitching and other hidden areas.

    Looks like a winner based on the photos, good job ITS

    • Bryan Black says:

      Thanks for the feedback, the KelTec was simply to show size in our photos. They’re interesting options, but I’d much rather carry an SBR. Cobra buckles do add cost, but you’re right about getting what you pay for, they’re great quality. Our American workmanship is heavily QC’d and you won’t be disappointed.

  11. OC Tactical says:

    Very nice looking bag!

  12. C Bennett says:

    I hope you guys come out with a backpack design like this in the future because I really like this design, unfortunately messenger bags wreak havoc on my neck and back.

    • Bryan Black says:

      Appreciate the feedback and agree messenger bags aren’t always the best option for every situation. We’re certainly working on other product ideas as well, stay tuned!

  13. T. J. says:


  14. Anxiously waiting for mine to come in that I ordered last night.