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Way Of The Gun Covert B.E.L.T.


Former Green Beret and tactical firearms trainer Frank Proctor refined the design of the Covert B.E.L.T. (Bring Everything Light Tactical) over a period of three years. Now, it’s his EDC belt as well as his range and competition belt.

The sides of this 1.5″ wide belt incorporate a stiffener where you would wear an OWB holster or external mag pouches. However, there’s no stiffener at the rear, but rather a small velcro pouch located at the small of the back. One of my favorite features are the plastic D-rings used to secure the belt. They aren’t only low profile, but allow you to keep your belt on while going through metal detectors. Additionally, the Covert B.E.L.T. offers elastic loops for magazines, sewn directly to the belt. These elestic slots are lined so mags won’t fall out and there are two pistol mag pouches up front and a pistol and rifle mag pouch on both sides behind the hip making the belt ambidextrous.

The Covert B.E.L.T. is made in the USA and offered in several sizes but you need to read the fine print on the website to ascertain the correct size.


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12 Responses to “Way Of The Gun Covert B.E.L.T.”

  1. NCO says:

    Way to go, Mr Proctor. Looks very sensible.

    Just worried about the stability of those magazines. Can anyone who used it comment on that?

    • Danny Boy says:

      I’ve been using it for a long while. I haven’t had any issues with wandering mags. It actually exceeded my expectations in that regard.

    • Chris K. says:

      Mags stay put for intended belt usage. there’s a grip material behind the elastic that holds mags very well, but one quick pull and they’ll slide smoothly. Also very easy to get ahold of the mags since very little in the way.

      • Bill says:

        Those magazines are gone if you use it for work. If you need something for traveling to a class or training then it works okay.

        • NCO says:

          That’s what I was worried about. But we used to say the same about BFG Ten Speed pouches and they work fine. Guess I’ll just have to get one and check it out. That’s what happens when you’re a gear guy.

          Thanks Chris and Danny.

  2. Nick says:

    I’ve been interested in this kind of design since I saw the old ATS rigger belts that allowed “bandolero” carry, but I couldn’t buy off on it with no retention and always wondered how hard it would be to add a little bungee tab like on a mag shingle but that would rest behind the beaver tail/grip.

    • NCO says:

      It actually reminds me an old SAS concealment belt – they used to carry their Browning HPs and magazines between 2 layers of leather. It was the 80’ies I guess.

  3. Hodge175 says:

    I wear this belt almost everyday, its very simple and stiff only where it needs to be. The magazine carriers have a rubber type backing that keep the magazines shifting around, but if you are wearing them all day and bending over and moving I can see the mags moving around some.

    Overall its a very nice and simple belt, it works well with my Sig P320C/SC with zero issues, now he just needs to make it in more colors.

  4. This actually looks pretty awesome. I really like how they made sure it was travel ready. I currently use a belt from OV Innovations for travel but this is pretty tempting.

    • Chris K. says:

      It’s a good belt, FYI – Sizing runs a bit big, but nice thing is extra tail isn’t really a problem.

      • Thanks for the tip. I’m definitely gonna have to make an excuse to try and pick this up at some point.

        Oh yeah wow….looking at the sizes I could potentially fit a small. Even with out running large.

  5. Bill says:

    I’ve managed to squash a CAT and small Combat Gauze into the AR mag slots, and so far I’ve retained a Surefire G2 bezel down in one of the other slots.