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Sneak Peek – Drum Mag for .510 Beck

The .510 Beck cartridge was designed as an anti-material solution which is compatible with .308 AR-style rifles. The .510 Beck requires a different barrel, bolt, and magazine.  The military model is compatible with the SR-25 but commercial models are coming as well. 

This drum magazine for the Beck Defense .510 Beck round is based on the patented X Products .308 50 round drum design. Future models will be skeletonized to help control weight.

Initially, the rounds will be offered in subsonic with weights of 327 to 680 grains.  Coming soon.

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5 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Drum Mag for .510 Beck”

  1. Marcus T says:

    So, when will the upper which supports the .510 be available?

    No information on their website…

  2. patrulje68 says:

    Because Velociraptors hunt in packs.

  3. joe says:

    I like the cartridge concept, but not the design execution.

    .45 Raptor uses common .308 brass and .452 projectiles, but you can’t source super-heavy bullets in .452, and as such it’s a fizzle.

    I’d like to see a .458 projectile in a .308 case, similar like the .458 DropBear

    I think the SOCOM/Beowulf/Bushmaster are fine ballistically, but single stack greatly reduces capacity.

    Comparatively twenty 600+ grain subsonics in a DPMS GEN II with a 10″ barrel is pretty appealing.