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A Tour Of S.O.Tech


9 Responses to “A Tour Of S.O.Tech”

  1. Tom says:

    Great company. I carried their kit for many years when I was serving in the Infantry. They even made a couple of custom radio pouches for me. I love their Falcon chest rig and used it on my combat deployment to Iraq.

  2. Joe says:

    Kudos to SOTECH for this.

    Wish more companies would give us a look inside of their factories

    • Alex says:

      Wish Arcteryx would show us their chinese factory in this same fashion


      • Lasse says:

        Who needs a reminder that Rite in the Rain/Tactical Tailor got slammed for using slave labor IN THE US? Ever seen the inside of a clothing factory in LA? Sure it might be made on US soil but that shit will give you nightmares.

        I’m pretty sure the China factory that Arc’teryx uses is of higher quality than 99% of US based factories. If you knew their QC protocols you’d understand that the workers are highly skilled machine operators and not some 13 year old with CP being paid $.10/day..

        Big brands aren’t the ones using shitty sweatshops any more. As an example, the factory I saw in Vietnam was way nicer than the factories I’ve seen in Vancouver (haven’t seen Arc). Better working conditions and terms as well. What you want to see/avoid are the factories that small brands uses, those tend to be fucking sketchy.

        • I don’t believe that Lasse’s comments are directed at SOTech, but since this thread is about our video, I will say: As you can see by our video, we are a clean, modern, process driven factory. As Califiornia has raised minimmum wages to some of the highest in the country, I believe our employees have a good standard of living. I know very little about Arcteryx, but I am sure they are a great and well respected company.

          • Lasse says:

            Jim, my comments are absolutely not directed at SOTech, but more the apparel (and not really tactical gear) industry in general.
            Sorry about that, should have clarified it. I’m a big SOTech fan and really appreciate the work you do with and for vets.

  3. Sean says:

    This is why I always refer people to SOTECH when they ask about a place to get custom stuff made.

  4. Tom says:

    I use to get stuff from Jim when he was in Culver City. I’ve been to his factory/showroom and I can tell you it is defiantly what he says it is. I will always send people his way for gear. Keep up the great work.