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UF PRO Blog Post – The Breaking Point Of Schoeller Stretch Material

UF PRO recently made a post on their blog on the Schoeller dynamic stretch material utilized in the construction of their P-40 and Striker combat pants. An excerpt can be read below:


“Is this stretch material going to keep up over time?“ We get that a lot when people first encounter the Schoeller-dynamic stretch material, which we use in our P-40 and Striker combat pants.

And you always get that suspicious look when the answer is: “Well each material has a breaking point, but in most cases, for example your NyCo ripstop material will rip way earlier.”

But where is the real breaking point of this amazing stretch material?

To those of you, who do not know Schoeller yet, they are a Swiss manufacturer of highly technical textiles. While Switzerland in general already has a great reputation for quality (the best watches, great ski resorts, and the best chocolate ever), Schoeller is a picture perfect example as well.

You can read the full post at ufpro.si/news/blog/135/the_braking_point_of_schoeller_stretch_material.


7 Responses to “UF PRO Blog Post – The Breaking Point Of Schoeller Stretch Material”

  1. Diddler says:

    I’ve had a Mountain Hardware jacket for almost ten years made with Schoeller material that resists dirt. It never really gets dirty. Did some ATV training recently with it on and it was covered in mud, but it just brushed off. Amazing stuff.

  2. John says:

    I grew up in the 1980s reading martial arts magazines. So these pants are old news. Take a look. 🙂


  3. Bill says:

    I propose that the durability/blowout resistance of pant crotches should be measured by a unit named the Van Damme.

    • I will also accept “MC HAmmers”

    • Airborne_fister says:

      Can’t count how many times I blew out the crotch on my issued pants. Bid it once during basic during combative a level 1. Was going commando was at fort Jackson due to my original MOS of 92R. Ever since then it was underwear and keep a second set close by.

  4. Luke says:

    certainly a valid question, and i think it comes about because most peoples experience with elastic is elastic waist bands, cuffs and straps which certainly have an expiration date. Durable stretch wovens and knits like schoeller are truly special fabrics, and should be used more often as budget allows.
    Strategically placed stretch can expand product life immensely, and not just in clothing.