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PHLster Flatpack

The PHLster Flatpack is an EDC solution for horizontal belt carry of a tourniquet.

Consisting of a plastic backing plate, two polymer coated nylon loops, and an adjustable length of durable elastic shock cord, the PHLster Flatpack was designed by Snake Hound Machine in conjunction with Andrew Henry, of Henry Holsters.

While the Flatpack is designed for everyday carry, it can be converted for use on a duty belt, plate carrier, or vest by using a MALICE clip.

The patent pending PHLster Flatpack is 100% American Made and is backed by a two year warranty.


5 Responses to “PHLster Flatpack”

  1. jbgleason says:

    Cool piece of kit. Now package it with a tourniquet and sell them together.

    • Bad Dancer says:

      Spot on

      • Jeremy says:

        Nah, let people choose their tourniquet. Lots of different options. Never mind the fact that I can think of about 3 different non-tourniquet applications for this product.

  2. Combatdoc68 says:

    Great addition to a medic’s issued M-9 or another brand bag, if exterior pockets aren’t readily available to stow a tourniquet. I’ll be recommending to some of my joes!