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Ready To Shine: First Tactical’s Flashlights Are Lighting The Scene


First Tactical’s flashlights incorporate ultra bright LED technology, a large, reversible pocket clip allows for durability and versatility easily clipping to clipboards or hats, and an interchangeable front bezel for emergency close quarter needs.

Both the Small and Medium Duty Flashlights are operated by two AA batteries and produce a high beam distance of 130m and a low beam distance of 31m. They also feature a 14in hotspot with a smooth transition and a 70in flood area.

In the coming months First Tactical will announce the launch of their Small and Medium Duty Penlights, perfect for caps and front pockets.

The Small and Medium Duty Flashlights are available at FirstTactical.com for 44.99 and 49.99 respectively.



5 Responses to “Ready To Shine: First Tactical’s Flashlights Are Lighting The Scene”

  1. Mandingo says:

    Not touting lumen output is a good way to say that the lumen output will be disappointing.

    Oh, just checked the website, yes it is.

  2. .308 says:

    I don’t want to hate… however the booth at IWA just looks like it should be labeled “Generic tactical crap”

    know what I mean?

  3. Tactical Nuts says:

    Handled one of these. Streamlight is far better. .308 nailed it when he said these were “tactical crap”.

  4. Norman says:

    I think this is what I’ll get for my dad! Thanks so much for your reviews. I’ll see what he likes it.