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Radical Firearms Releases 6.8 Caliber Uppers

Stafford, TX –Radical Firearms is happy to announce we’ve added a 1 in 11” twist 6.8 rifle to our long gun production lineup. The addition is a law enforcement grade, MILSPEC 16” flat top HBAR drop in upper receiver with a low profile gas block ready to mount to a MILSPEC lower receiver. The 6.8 Upper will come completely assembled, including bolt carrier group, charging handle, forward assist, barrel nut, ejection port door, A2 flash hider and of course the HBAR profile barrel.

Radical Firearms Six-Eight Upper Full Specs

· 16″ 6.8 SPC II HBAR Melonite Barrel 4150V Chromoly
· 1 in 11″ twist rate
· 5/8×24 Thread Pitch
· M4 Feed ramps
· 6.8 SPC II Phosphate BCG
· Low Profile Micro Gas Block
· Stainless Steel Mid-Length gas system
· Direct Gas Impingement
· Mil-Spec A2 Flash Hider
· 15″ Free Float Radical Firearms FHR Rail
· Integral Hybrid Keymod and Picatinny Rails for Mounting Lights, Lasers, Bipods & Sights
· Forged Upper Receiver with Forward Assist, Shell Deflector
· Milspec Charging Handle

The new upper will retail for $459.99. The reason this price is so low is, quite simply, because Radical builds everything in house. Muzzle device to buffer tube, RF manufactures it in our own facility.


As Radical’s David Spector notes,

“This give us unmatched levels of quality control and allows us to build boutique quality rifles for everyman prices.”

You will not the KeyMod rails on RF rifles are set up differently than some manufacturers. This came about due to a request by a Federal agency.

“We run them like this as a fail safe so gear doesn’t fall off accidentally. Have you ever smacked your accessory up against a door frame on a regular rail? Bye bye accessory! You don’t have to worry about that with our rails.”

Cris Parsons



10 Responses to “Radical Firearms Releases 6.8 Caliber Uppers”

  1. Kris says:

    I wish there were more coma nuts doing light weight 6.8 and 6.5 barrels. I see them more as hunting calibers and don’t want a HBAR on my stalking gun.

  2. BillC says:

    Keymod backwards?

  3. MK says:

    “Have you ever smacked your accessory up against a door frame on a regular rail? Bye bye accessory!”

    More proof that M-Lok is superior. Can’t see that ever happening.