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Garmont T8 Boots In Khaki – While Supplies Last from Extreme Outfitters


Available while supplies last is the Garmont Tactical series in Khaki. This color variation stems from the light colored split-grained leather with a darker DD diamesh and heel retention straps. Although these boots are NOT AR 670-1 compliant they still offer the same quality and comfort you know and love from the Garmont T8 series.

The Garmont Tactical T8 boot is unlike any other pair of boots you will ever wear. Starting from the ground up, the Bifida and Extreme versions are equipped with a Super Vibram sole for maximum traction and stability and maximum shock reduction in nearly all environments or surfaces. Next the T8 is constructed with a tapered nylon woven foot board, on top of that is a custom designed insole. The boot utilizes a foot bed cup system that makes the boot work with the rest of your body providing awesome stability reducing the amount of stress on the ankles and knees. The entry way is constructed with a swept back concept to allow a snug, comfortable, fully supported fit without all the unnecessary padding. The upper is constructed with abrasion resistant split grain leather combined with DD diamesh for excellent breathing and ventilation. Zero optical refraction hardware along with roller bearing and hook less rigging proof hardware makes the T8 operate flawlessly in all operating environments whether it be ground or airborne operations. The foot bed cup system combined with heel retention strapping system allows for maximum stability and support in nearly all conditions and environments.

The Garmont T8’s lightweight, rugged and durable construction allows these boots to perform amazingly in all conditions. The T8 performs well and dries out rapidly should you work in an amphibious environment or an extremely wet climate. This boot was designed for and is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of professionals who defend our great nation. The Extreme version offers the same stability with the addition of 200G Thinsulate insulation for colder climates. The NFS is an even lighter weight boot made with a feather light sole when reduced weight is paramount.

These boots are available in Khaki in all three styles: T8 Jungle, T8 NFS and T8 Extreme, and priced to sell at $114.99. Available at Extreme Outfitters while supplies last.

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11 Responses to “Garmont T8 Boots In Khaki – While Supplies Last from Extreme Outfitters”

  1. Gizmo says:

    I guess the T4s are no longer a thing. They were blown out everywhere the past year or so but now nobody is carrying them.

  2. Dan says:

    so khaki and desert tan are available, but the coyote browns were sent back for inconsistencies? That said, they are amazing boots without that lace-lock that was digging into my skin with each step. Removed those on both pairs I own and I have been happy ever since.

    • The Coyote boots are due to arrive in June. That’s the last word we have from the distributor.

    • Chris says:

      The coyote boots have been revamped for Army compliance, those have not made it in yet. These are an all new color, with a lighter color leather, and darker colored nylon and laces.

    • Chris says:

      By “revamped” I mean the color only, nothing else is changing.

  3. Oscar says:

    Wish they made these in black

  4. Aaron says:

    I once had a pair of T4s, thought they were great at first. Hated them about a month in…a lot of potential, but no cushion for my horrible feet.