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Grey Ghost Gypsy Pack In Full Production, Awes Everyone Who Carries It

Dalton Gardens, Idaho (10 FEB 16)


Grey Ghost, the parent brand of both Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision, is happy to announce that our Gypsy Pack is in full production. Our initial test run was wiped out fast. We’ve reallocated resources and now things are jamming.

The Gypsy isn’t so much the Throwback’s older brother as it is its big city cousin. It’s a radical departure from what you’ve come to expect from GGG and is imminently suitable for low-pro work (as you can see in the images). It’s a bag for the traveler or daily commuter who requires all the hoplogical features you have come to expect from us without any of the “Hey, yo, we got a badass over here!” look you get from rack upon rack of MOLLE/PALS.


Not that we don’t like a nice rack.

The flat top design of the Gypsy echoes what you’ll see carried by bicyclists and 2-wheeled couriers, and we’ve intentionally used the waxed canvas for the exterior to give it a casual but dignified urban look. We just made sure it has all the interior geometry necessary to carry and access the tools you might need to kill some asshole if things go pear-shaped (or if you’re caught up in some sort of disaster).

Please do not be frightened by the name. This is not a pack built for (or designed by) those shady vagabonds your Grandma warned you about. No one is going to kidnap you and sell you to the circus.

Crazy grandma.

Dimensions are generous and pleasing without being too big (that’s what she said). It’s 19 in. tall, 16 in. wide, and 4.5 in. deep. This gives the bag a volume of 1368 cubic inches.

The top flap of the bag includes a zippered pocket on either side, each lined with soft material to protect Eye Pro, your phone or even your jewelry. On the lower left side of the flap there appears the leather GG skull accent you know you love and adore. The flap is held down by two adjustable 1 inch side release buckles.

Below the flap is a pocket that has a top cover secured with hook and loop material and two water resistant zippers that allows the pocket to be opened like a gate. On the front are two zippered mesh pockets properly sized to carry various small items sized between a bottle of pain reliever, a phone charger or brass knuckles. Further inside are stretch mesh pockets that vary in size to accommodate pens, flashlights, pistol mags or that extra battery for your laptop.


The front of the pouch has a Hypalon patch with slots cut in it so you add a light or an extra pouch. Under the flap are two rows of PALS webbing with 7 channels to allow you to expand the capacity of the pack by adding pouches to it. There is a zippered pouch just above the PALS webbing, 12 inches long and 8 inches deep. This will carry a notebook, a blowout kit and night vision goggles. Very roomy. The main compartment is 17 in. tall, 4 in. deep and 15 in. wide. That’s 1020 cubic inches, which is damn near enough to carry a midget stripper. You can access this area (or let her out) with vertical zippers along each side of the back panel. There’s also a large loop panel sewn to the inside of the back panel to affix holsters and hook-and-loop pouches, as well as another zippered pouch made of stretch mesh (it’s big enough to carry a MacBook Air).


Speaking of the back panel, it’s padded and uses air mesh that is quilted to improve wearer comfort and circulation. No one likes a sweaty back. The pack straps are in a yoke configuration and are adjustable for a wide array of body types (and feature a carrying handle).

Finally, each side of the pack has a cleverly disguised water bottle pocket and has a cover flap that protects the vertical zipper that expands the pocket when lowered.

Overall, we’re very proud of this design and are confident it will become one of our most popular designs.

Plus, it looks badass. Welcome to the gypsy.

If you’re interested in getting your grubby paws on one of these packs to write or record a review, reach out to our High Lady Amazon Pirate Gynarch Lindsey Lea, We are happy to support worthy publications and sites and expect nothing but a candid, truthful review, but we won’t work with asshats or douche-bags. So if you run a reputable organization, hit us up. If you’re a shady bastard who expects free shit because you have a couple thousand viewers on YouTube or you have a sweet IG account with lots of followers but actually an insufferable little prick who serious professionals make fun of, don’t bother.

See you out there. Be a good American today.

The Gypsy Pack:


18 Responses to “Grey Ghost Gypsy Pack In Full Production, Awes Everyone Who Carries It”

  1. Griffin says:

    stop with the hipster packs already!

    • Aye says:

      Funny, some of us think “stop with the tacticool guy packs already” for people walking around on campus, in the civilian world etc etc.

      to each his own huh

    • Jon, OPT says:

      SOOoooo, this is becoming a mainstream thing? By merit of the name’s definition this is no longer hipster, so you just gave them this round, thanks buddy! Because of you the terrorists and hipsters win.

    • Andy says:

      Don’t like it?
      Don’t buy it.

  2. Thomper says:

    Great concept, looks like a good low-pro bag. I could see it working really well for mobile surveillance. Im not sure on the waxed canvas material though, but I don’t know enough about it to make an educated comment.

    As an aside if like to buy a beer fot who ever wrote their ad copy. Genius.

  3. bulldog76 says:

    can can i haz one in od green

  4. Bill says:

    Yeah, but does it have that funky Barbour/Belstaff/Filson waxed canvas stink, and occasionally menstruates on your clothes or car upholstery when it gets really hot in the sun?

  5. JKifer says:

    hahaha… fucking great writing..

  6. STEPAN1983 says:

    Pack with velro flaps = horrible idea

  7. John says:

    I don’t know much about bag materials or construction. What materials in this bag make the price >$200 whereas similar looking bags can be purchased for $50?

    What are the components you look for in a bag to say, “This bag deserves to be expensive” versus “This is tacticool hype”?

    • Jason says:

      I’m not sure about the material used (couldn’t find it on their site and they only mention Hypalon) but I usually find the value’s in the design and needlework too. Materials can be used by any company but it’s the design and attentive stitching that usually make a product last a while and serve you well.

      I think half the battle is looking at a bag and asking yourself if it is the right kind of setup for you. If it doesn’t do what you need it to do, then going into materials and stitching and such is a moot point.

    • SSD says:

      Well, first off, it’s made in America.

    • Dev says:

      Do you do anything here besides complain about price?

  8. Dellis says:

    Waxed canvas is nice in that it ages…but not in the sense that it falls apart kinda age but rather a “patina” of sorts to the material.

    This particular bag is not my style but I say that without physically handling one, just based on these pictures alone. The material though is really nice if you want a bag to age with you