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First Tactical Is Launching The New Specialist Line

During IWA I had a chance to sit down with First Tactical to discuss their next wave of products as well as their direct to consumer sales strategy. Next week, First Tactical is launching their new Specialist Line which includes shirts and trousers.


What makes these pants different is that they are a great value for someone looking for an inexpensive pair of duty pants. Sure, they look just like First Tactical’s other offerings and have the same fit but they’ve changed fabrics and removed a couple of extras from the design like rivet reinforcements from the belt loops. But that doesn’t mean that aren’t built to last; the pants are still triple stitched. The material for the Specialist Line is a double ripstop polyester/cotton blend with no mechanical stretch and a Teflon Shield+ stain repellent finish. The Specialist Pants come in BDU, Tactical, and EMS styles and will sell for $39.99.

The Specialist Shirts feature three new shirts in Tactical and BDU stylings and are designed with a strong, ripstop polyester/cotton and a Teflon Shield+ stain repellent finish. Built-in ventilating system gives wearers durability, freedom of movement, and breathability. The Specialist Shirts are priced at $44.99.


10 Responses to “First Tactical Is Launching The New Specialist Line”

  1. Willis Bee says:

    Is it me, or is it there ain’t nothing “first” about anything this company is doing.

    • SSD says:

      Well, one thing they’ve done first is offer customer-direct clothing and accessories.

  2. CWG says:

    Looks like some competition for LAPG, which will always be good for the consumer!

    • Will says:

      I own several of LAPG’s pants. While they are about a third of the cost of most other pants, they also last about a third as long. All of my LAPG pants have velcro that is separating, or broken zippers. I still wear them, but they just don’t hold up like the more expensive brands. You always get what you pay for.

      • babola says:

        Ditto. With LAPG clothes, just like with many discounted/affordable producted lines available from Propper, Condor, 5.11, TruSpec etc, you get what you paid for, in other words don’t expect miracles.

  3. Defender says:

    Where are the pants and shirt made?

  4. defensor fortismo says:

    The price on the website is at 65, are they offering a sale?

    • babola says:

      No, those are the original tactical pants in roughly 50:50 PolyCo cloth.

      The ‘new’ ones are supposed to be in similar Polyester-rich material with less features…basically cheaper and ‘nastier’ version of the existing model.

  5. adil says:

    any idea if they will be offering a hot weather variant of their pants?