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Shellback Tactical – BANSHEE ELITE 2.0 Now Available for Pre-Order

Shellback Tactical’s long awaited Banshee Elite 2.0 is now available for pre-order.

The shoulders on the BANSHEE ELITE are fully adjustable and padded. They’ve widened the shoulders to lay flatter on your body and have incorporated a hidden quick release buckle. The shoulders also have Hypalon both front and back have with 4 slits that is pliable allowing for easy access to the buckles.

The front and back of the BANSHEE feature 6 rows of PALS webbing and pile tape for flags and other identifiers. The interior of the front and back carrier on the body side are also comfort padded with 3D mesh sewn in an airflow pattern allowing for heat disbursement. Rifle plates are loaded from the bottom front/back and secured with a hook/loop closure. The drag handle on the BANSHEE ELITE is sewn through and secured down with hook and loop. The vest is now one-size and the pocket will accept different size plates.

The BANSHEE ELITE features an integrated Integrated Admin Pouch as well as 2 vertical nylon sewn strips to accept QASM buckles to accommodate chest rigs. It also comes with the BANSHEE ELITE Cummerbund that is removable and fully adjustable. The cummerbund has 6 interior pockets (3 each side) with bungee pull tabs that will accommodate 5.56 AR Style mags. The Exterior and Interior of the cummerbund also have 3 rows of PALS webbing to accept side plates or other pouches. The back of the carrier has a separate pocket from the plate pocket opens and can accept a 2 liter hydration bladder.

Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.


7 Responses to “Shellback Tactical – BANSHEE ELITE 2.0 Now Available for Pre-Order”

  1. Liking the quiet loop, definitely the way to go vs the normal MC pile. That printed webbing will match it colour wise after a few days usage, heh.

  2. Jon, OPT says:

    QASM compatible, the industry is finally listening.

    • Agreed on that one, wish more of them would just put loop on the front though. Just build the same front flap but have it as a separate piece with the male buckles up top and hook backing to interface. Then when you want to swap over to a chest rig or a different placard you can remove and stash that excess.

      Just wish more companies (other than Mayflower et al that is) would come out with placards and we could maybe get some sort of (crazy idea!) standardisation on the go in terms of sizing.

      • Jon, OPT says:

        There’s a lot of “I don’t wanna steal a design” within the industry, which is a good sign… That said, my argument is this should be a standard like PALS. It’s a great money saver for the end user, there is no patent, it’s a huge time saver, it’s simple and minimal, and did I mention it saves the end user money (a HUGE reason).

        It’s going to be a slow trickle, but most are seeing the light, I won’t name who I spoke with, but let’s say anyone worth their salt making nylon gear.

        • Ha, yes it’s definitely trickling in alright. I’ve no idea whether it even could be patented, but hopefully in this lovely M-LOK era we live in nobody would go down that route.

          Look forward to seeing who’ll come out with more stuff in this region of kit. Hopefully OPT will be getting it in as well 😉

          • Jon, OPT says:

            We have a whole section on our site dedicated to rigs that are compatible with it.

            • You do indeed, great little section there. Have you considered stocking the Mission Spec RigIt kits per chance (or anything along those lines)? I’ve had to have PALS-attached loop panels made up custom in the past in order to convert PCs to placard usage. This Shellback option is a prime example I’d say of missing a trick by only allowing chest rig attachment but not placards. Personally I wouldn’t want to mount a chest rig on a PC because all of mine use FS Tubes in some form and the D3 etc being attached completely negate that feature.