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XGO Montana Wool

I didn’t know that XGO offered wool garments so it came as a quite a surprise when we were discussing their line last week. Apparently, they offered wool briefly in 2008, but they’ve reintroduced it for Spring 2016.

The issue has long been access to American wool that is on par with the famed Merino sheep of New Zealand. It’s happening and XGO has access to it.

The advantages of wool are well known. Its inherent no-melt, no-drip and odor resistant properties as well as excellent warmth, even when wet, are all great reasons to use this natural fiber. XGO has also enhanced the wool’s performance with their AG-47 anti-microbial silver treatment.

Don’t forget, XGO has offered a very generous discount to SSD readers by using discount code “SSD50” for 50% off everything on their site except clearance (not stackable) items. This offer ends 2 April at COB.



6 Responses to “XGO Montana Wool”

  1. Burdy says:

    Wore this as my next to skin layer all last year during hunting season. For me it worked out much better than your standard “Silk” or 100% polyester first layer. I was very impressed by it’s abilities to regulate my temperature properly. Level 1 poly layers are now a thing of the past for me.

  2. John CH says:

    Thanks for the discount code! Order placed!

  3. Mick says:

    Those AG47 antimicrobial treatments… is that something that will eventually wash out, a la permethrin on ACUs? Or is it somehow integrated into fibers and a permanent part of the clothing item?

    Nope, I don’t know anything about cloth, fabric, etc… why do you ask?

  4. Mick says:

    Also they need to add more Tan499 options!

    Or do us Army folk just go with Coyote and call it good?

  5. JKifer says:

    Tis sold out…