USASOC Sniper Comp – American Kami

American Kami always uses Sniper Comp to debut new models. This year it’s the dagger designs we recently showed you pictures of.


This is a graphic from American Kami which gives you the names of the various daggers. I know the trench knives are becoming very popular.


DJ had to burn the candle at both ends to get these ready for Bragg.  Commercial versions will have a DLC coating over the CPM S35VN.



4 Responses to “USASOC Sniper Comp – American Kami”

  1. CapnTroy says:

    Beautiful work as always! I’d love to have one of the trench knives…

  2. Lcpl1066 says:

    If I saw someone with this knife on there kit they would immediately become the subject of ridicule but as long potential jealousy and admiration.

  3. Paul McCain says:

    Are these legal?

  4. Pieter says:

    From the photos, the skinny sheaths impress me even more than the knives! No excess material, shiuld make mounting behind pouches on molle or just on its own a treat! A lot of othe manufacturers get it wrong with the sheaths, making them difficult to mount on gear, but looks like you have it down to a T, Kami.