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USASOC Sniper Comp – B&T Industries

B&T Industries makes a variety of weapon accessories such as the Atlas bipod. One of their newest items is the Silo which is a Picatinny compatible pad that can be quickly mounted, adjusted and dimounted from a rail thanks to their Flushcup Stud.  It works as a pin across the rail and the Silo slides easily into position. 


Inspired by shooters strapping bean bags into their rifles for stability, the Silo can be placed where needed on the rail to give you a stable platform on rough terrain or against a barricade.  Additionally, each side has a rubber section so it won’t move if held up against the side of a window or other fixture. 



6 Responses to “USASOC Sniper Comp – B&T Industries”

  1. JCcypress says:

    Cool idea. I’d like to see a Key Mod / M-Lok version, as well.

  2. rotorhd says:


  3. Greg says:

    Really like that flushcup stud concept. Wonder how tight it manages to lock up? I know the operation of using the beanbag doesn’t require the most rigid of mountings, but it might beat up the rails some if the stud isn’t very tight.

    On the lighter side, when it’s not on the rifle you can use it as a field pillow!

    • SSD says:

      It’s not really big enough for a pillow, but it isn’t going anywhere on the rail when it’s in place.

    • Mars says:

      Got one from the first batch. It’s rock solid when installed.

      Great company and good people to deal with. They had a weird release around the first run where you could jump on a list to buy before they ever told you what it was.