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Are You Tough Enough For JTF 2?

Although Canada’s Department of National Defence won’t say much about the secretive JTF 2, they do admit that it exists. I mean, they do have to recruit after all.

JTF 2 Assaulter Sniper

Created on April 1, 1993, when the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) accepted responsibility for federal counter-terrorism operations from the RCMP, JTF 2 is admittedly at “highest readiness and most precise combat unit in the country.” Consequently, they are looking for fit candidates to undertake their selection course. They provide this handy guide to potential applicants so that they know the minimum level of fitness they are looking for. Are you tough enough?

JTF2 Pre-Selection Physical Fitness Evaluation

6 Responses to “Are You Tough Enough For JTF 2?”

  1. CJOC says:

    JTF 2 was up and running on April 1,1993; training for the Special Operations Assaulters began under RCMP SERT instructors in 1992. The RCMP decided tying up 75 officers who did nothing but train was inefficient cost-wise, and the police constables themselves didn’t like having to move to Ottawa and uproot their families from detachments across Canada. The Canadian Armed Forces were looking for new roles with the Cold War over, and counter-terrorism was a natural fit.

  2. Gearflunkie says:

    Here’s a pretty nifty recruiting video for the unit:


  3. Alex says:

    Very interesting that they test for 1 Rep Max on bench.

  4. H.C. says:

    Man, what a well rounded physical assessment with some pretty demanding standards. I always feel like I’m in decent shape until I measure myself up against these.

    Just a thought, but I feel like the army goes round and round with reinventing PT standards and training with ridiculous PRT among other things when I feel like these benchmarks would be great to measure all soldiers on. Not saying that the rank and file needs to score 75 points on this, but certainly if you made a pull up requirement for soldiers we would have a few less guts running around headquarters…

    Great publish SSD!