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Gunfighters Inc – Spectre Shoulder Holster


Gunfighters Inc has decided to reimagine the shoulder holster with the Spectre. The Spectre is a hybrid of nylon and kydex, fully modular with multiple swappable components: single and double magazine pouches, pistol holsters for several popular handgun models, and a suppressor carrier. Future components will include, but are not limited to, handcuff carriers and rifle magazine carriers. The components attach via buckles, so they’re easy to swap; click a button and you’re done. On top of that, the buckles have 135° of pivot for comfort and are designed to be low-profile.


The Spectre is designed to conceal under a light jacket, and the cant angle is adjustable. Additionally, the harness itself is 4-way adjustable, and is made in-house at Gunfighters Inc, out of US sourced components. Those of you looking for an alternative to typical belt carry systems may want to give the Spectre a look.



24 Responses to “Gunfighters Inc – Spectre Shoulder Holster”

  1. Jer says:

    The holster for that suppressor seems to have a lot more material then it needs.

    • charlie taylor says:

      maybe to allow for variances in suppressor size in the manufacturing process? Only have to use one size of kydex sheet for different models, IE a Ti-Rant or Osprey is going to be significantly bigger than the model pictured.

      • Woody says:

        We threw it together as a joke but decided, “what the hell, may as well offer it!” If we end up getting orders for them we probably will streamline the design a little bit more.

  2. Lisa N says:

    This would work like a cheese grater on your clothing and skin.

    • Woody says:

      How are you so sure of this? We worked really hard to eliminate rub points and make sure everything was smooth and low profile. Most other shoulder holsters have tons of metal hardware and often the junction of the harness in the back has large chunks of plastic. Our holster has none of that.

  3. D.B. says:

    The guy on the second photo looks decidedly uncomfortable.

    Like someone attached holster on him two sizes too small.

  4. Gerard says:

    He’s clearly an undercover officer wondering why the bad guys instantly know he’s a cop

  5. James in AZ says:

    Want a better product image?
    Put Merc AMG instead of Bimmer M in there, and we’ll perceive you guys as a more educated bunch. Seriously. Bimmer = tailgaters, cut-offers, stop sign creepers, not stopping for pedestrian-ers… etc

    • Mike Nomad says:

      The BMW isn’t the down. If seen plenty of AMG-owning asshats do everything on your list. On the other hand, the uncompleted building in the background…

      / Hasn’t finished dealing with all the fasteners. Some filled, some not. Leading to;

      / Needs painting. Probably hasn’t been done yet because;

      / No soffits, leaving raw lumber and strung Romex exposed;


      / Uncaged A/C unit. Hopefully, that building is where dude keeps that snappy rig & associated bits.

      • Woody says:

        Lol! I’ll have to send this list to our landlord. We personally don’t care because the rent is cheap and we’re 5 minutes to an outdoor shooting range.

        • Reverend says:

          Differences between “Guys”, and “Girls”…

          “Close to something we love, and cheap rent”.- Guys

          “I want X-Y-Z options in my place”-Girls

          “I want lights, water, and a toilet”- Guys

          “There had better be recycling offered in trash pickup or no chance!”-Girls.

          Guys…making do because we make it work….

          • Mike Nomad says:

            Heh, pretty funny bit.

            There’s two kinds of guys: Those that live in wood-frame, 100+ year-old bungalows and those that don’t…

        • Mike Nomad says:

          5 minutes from the range…Hell, I’d give up A/C for that.

          • Woody says:

            2 minutes in the M5 if we skip the stop signs and cut off the mini van full of kids. It’s glorious to live dangerous.

    • babola says:

      The drivers of AMG Mercedes are perceived as a ‘more educated bunch’. Say it ain’t so.

      Good one, ‘James in Arizona’.

    • Carlos says:

      IME, most people in Mercs and Lexus drive just like the Bimmerati.

  6. Sean says:

    I thought top gear established a few years ago that audi replaced bmw as the chosen car of cocks?

  7. Riceball says:

    Sad to say but it actually took me a couple of minutes to figure out what was in the suppressor holder because I didn’t recognize it as a suppressor at first. My first thought that it was a gun and that it was a really odd way of carrying a gun, with the muzzle up and all. Then I thought that it was a second gun and still an odd way of carrying it and I couldn’t figure out how you were actually supposed to draw it. Then finally, after looking at it some more, I realized that what I was looking at was really a suppressor and not a(nother) gun.