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LIMA5 is an interesting concept from SIG SAUER Optics. Powered by a Lithium 1/3n battery, this Laser Grip Module is a replacement polymer frame for the P320 and P250 pistols which integrates either a red (Oclaro) or direct green (Osram) laser and switch.



13 Responses to “SIG SAUER Optics – LIMA5”

  1. Adun says:

    If it still had the Pic rail on the bottom I would be down. Having a laser is not a replacement for a light IMO.

  2. BillC says:

    I’m not against it (I don’t even own a Sig anything), I like the innovation, but will it fit holsters for the non-laser enhanced P320? As said above, I’d think it’d be better if it still had rail for a light as well.

  3. James in AZ says:

    Just when you thought miniature white light would take higher priority

  4. mark says:

    This is super cool. It combines the very close to bore precision of the old lasermax guide rod with the instant on grip activation of a Crimson Trace Laserguard.

  5. Gabe says:

    This is awesome because it shows that they are thinking bigger with their modularity options. I hope they have a whole series of different light/laser options in mind.
    The P320 is the best handgun out there right now and Sig is leading the way with modular handguns.

    • James in AZ says:

      The best? Why?

      Because of a high slide center of mass relative to the beavertail, a slide stop that gets in a lefty’s way and unnecessary complication to keep the slide disconnected with the striker cocked for triggerpull-free field strip?

      Seriously, as a lefty I’ve been spoiled by Glocks and 1911s not to worry about my thumbs touching the slide stop. To drop the slide I just swipe down with my trigger finger. The current marketing stunt to bring the slide stop to both thumbs’ reach bugs the hell out of many lefty shooters. The port side button is too far back for the trigger finger to use, and the starboard side button is too far back that either, or both thumbs actuate them inadvertantly that it causes malfunctions in many ways.

      Not bashing innovation or new gun products, but saying the P320 is best is a stretch

      • Mark says:

        Have you shot one? Not trying to be argumentative, just noting that a lot of people talk about the bore axis but almost everyone who shoots it notices quickly that its a non issue in practice. My P320C shoots as flat and returns sights as quickly as my G19. The slide stop also has been revised (admittedly an iffy design) and is or will be shipping soon along with a revised grip module. Sig has done a great job listening to feedback and translating it into tested revisions in he product. Keep in mind Glock has had how many generations over many years (and has relied on the aftermarket heavily) to effect changes in their guns as well. I am not saying its the best, but Sig should get credit for listening to their users and making changes to production. There are a lot of folks, me jncluded, who have found it to be a much better, long awaited ergonomic and modular alternative to Glock amd other striker guns.

  6. Drew says:

    Quoting policeone.com: “The 5 m/W lasers (both red and green options available) are concealed in the dust cover of the pistol (below the recoil spring guide rod) and powered by a CR-1/3N battery in the back strap. The battery can be changed without removing the laser, as required on other rail or grip-mounted designs. The dust cover is trim and snag free, and blends perfectly into the front of the trigger guard. It incorporates a removable cover on the bottom that is secured by screws, which provides expansion capability for a white light that Sig plans to introduce at a later date.

    The switch for the laser is located on the front strap, where the middle finger rests under the trigger guard. In this position, when a firing grip on the pistol is obtained, the laser is activated. The wiring between switch and laser is a flexible circuit that is covered by an over-mold, making it not just internal, but integral to the frame. This circuit already includes the brains necessary to offer laser/light switch options for the anticipated white light unit.

    • Mike D says:

      “It incorporates a removable cover on the bottom that is secured by screws, which provides expansion capability for a white light that Sig plans to introduce at a later date.”

      All I hear is that the white light will only be compatible with the Lima5 Mod 2.7, as is ow things are done in true Sig fashion.

    • James in AZ says:

      Switch on the front strap for light? Ok… Not for the average operator wannabe

  7. EODe says:

    Suprised at the lack of posts on this. Surely there are some industry heavies that won’t touch this with the preverbial 10 footer as it’s been up long enough for most to have taken a glance.
    Even Sig let this out to get a feel most likely before they commit? They were not the first. SF made at least 2 of these about 12 years ago. They even made a special holster that was better than the pointer/pistol frame (at the time).
    Step forward-maybe. But when you integrate so tightly you lessen options, personalization and budget scaling and logistics to a degree. You of course can just not buy it, which is ALWAYS an option. Thankfully as Americans we can have (or not have) whichever we choose.
    Sig has laid heavy on optics and electronics of late. A push not really seen since HK and then the powered rail a little ways back on the M4.
    Interested to see where this goes and if some iconic pistol folks key in near term before the masses weigh in and lean in.

  8. Joe says:

    I wonder if this will come in SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE size frames, like current ones. I’m not averse to the proprietary light attachments IF the light doesn’t suck. It may be more streamlined than a picatinny version.