Converse Coral Shoes


Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a pair of issue Coral Shoes by Converse, dating from Operation Desert Storm.


I’m curious, does anyone have any additional details on these?

Thanks Cool Arrow Kicker!

UPDATE: Here’s a photo from Travis at Mayflower of his Tan and Green pair from when he was on a dive team.



13 Responses to “Converse Coral Shoes”

  1. VBSS and/or assorted wet work would be my guess, I know Chucks used to be seen on some feet for that.

  2. Mayflower R&C says:

    I have two pair that I wore thru the 90s; one tan and the other a light green.

  3. JKifer says:

    Awesomeness…I wonder if they are the all to important “barry comp…” hahaha…

  4. Beaugeste93 says:

    I have a pair of OD green Chucks used by USMC 2nd Recon Battalion circa mid 70’s…don’t know if they were issued or a unit buy.

  5. mike says:

    Wow, super cool.

  6. babola says:

    Cool indeed. Apart from visible sole differences, are there any other differences in build and construction between issued and commercial ones?

    I ask because my civilian All stars last about 2-3 months normal wear and tear…I can only imagine what the service guys like Marines etc could put a pair of these thru.

  7. Lasse says:

    how much could you get a hypebeast to pay for these?

  8. Cool Arrow Kicker says:

    So, I had these same type a while back and really didn’t like them for swimmer ops. But they were better than regular booties when operating in the hinterlands (we used Israeli boots later). I did some research and this is what I found out.

    The chucks (which were Barry compliant as annotated by the “MADE IN U.S.A” marking) were made for primarily for NAVSPECWAR in the early 90’s, most likely for Desert Shield/Storm. From what Converse’s historical department told me, a similar model was sold by L.L. Bean later in the 90’s but they were tan and had a different “Sock Liner / Insert” logo (they said “L.L. Bean”). From what Converse told me, they were doing anything they could at the time to generate revenue.

    Cool piece of nostalgia to have on my shelf.

    • Gear Guy says:

      I have actually used the LL Bean version and they were a step up from the Chucks. They had a padded collar and a nicer insole. I have also used DUI ROCK Boots, which were another solid option, but I preferred the LL Bean version.

  9. Ed says:

    Really cool! Thanks for the nostalgia.

  10. Steve B says:

    Very cool. Lots of civilian divers used to use Chucks with DUI drysuits because the DUI rock boots were so damned expensive. They seemed to get the job done.

    • Gear Guy says:

      The ROCK boots were expensive, but we were able to get them for much less by ordering in bulk for our platoon. My biggest issue with them was that they were more stiff than the LL Bean boots that I preferred and they were hard size because they are designed to be worn with a dry suit. Otherwise they were a better option than jungle boots or regular wetsuit booties.

  11. Will sew 4 kit says:

    Anyone know if the tan ones are still manufactured?