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Pat McNamara Recommends Reading “Mind Gym”

-Pulled this quote from Gary Mack’s book “Mind Gym“, which is an variation of a quote from former MLB pitcher Carl Hubbell. I previously mentioned this book in one of the CST recommended reading posts a few months back. Highly recommend you read this book.

-Use the tools laid out out in the book to build your own personal “mind gym” and visualize your peak performance. Like a physical gym, your mind gym is a place where effort and struggle take place.

-Performance gains start here. Build yours today!


12 Responses to “Pat McNamara Recommends Reading “Mind Gym””

  1. Disco says:

    Lord help me…..Mr. McNamara reminds me of Ogre

  2. SGT Rock says:

    I’d like to know what kind of training devices that he’s using in the photo.

  3. Trent Zimmer says:

    Looks like rogue Thompson Fatbells or something similar.

  4. Chris K. says:

    Excellent book, short chapters make for a great read while traveling.

    • BMoore says:

      Yeah? I just ordered it.. I travel all the time (20 days a month) so work outs are super inconsistent for me.

      • Chris K. says:

        This book is about mental training for improved performance, so it’s stuff you can do just about anywhere. It has made a difference in my shooting training especially. Lots of knowledge from top athletes in Baseball, Golf, Olympic Sports, and other arenas where mental performance greatly affected physical performance.

  5. Giovani A Urrutia says:

    He’s using a Sorinex CMB.

  6. Trvs says:

    @sorinex center mass bells

  7. Mike says:

    Everyday is leg day guys. What with all the chicken leg operators