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XGO Power Skins Compression Clothing


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Power Skins is XGO’s latest compression clothing, constructed of 77% Acclimate Dry polyester and 23% Lycra spandex.

The listed benefits of compression clothing include:


  • Reduces muscle vibration to lessen fatigue and maintain power output
  • Keeps muscles aligned to increase repetitive muscle power and efficiency
  • Comfort

  • Features Acclimate Dry Fabric for increased moisture-wicking
  • Wicks moisture at a rate of 3” in 3 minutes or better
  • Recovery

  • Enhances muscle and circulatory system healing to reduce swelling and decrease exertion soreness
  • Don’t forget, XGO has offered a very generous discount to SSD readers by using discount code “SSD50” for 50% off everything on their site except clearance (not stackable) items. This offer ends 2 April at COB.



    3 Responses to “XGO Power Skins Compression Clothing”

    1. Frtizthedog says:

      A simple request to SSD-Can you ask XGO folks to cite the research that supports their claims?
      “-Reduces muscle vibration to lessen fatigue and maintain power output
      -Keeps muscles aligned to increase repetitive muscle power and efficiency”
      Functional sports apparel research is my job and I’m interested in what evidence they have to support their claims.
      As I’ve stated before, I look to SSD as a beacon of truth in a world rife with BS.
      If their products work as advertised and they can support their claims with peer-reviewed science, I’ll be the first in line to buy their complete line.

      • Lasse says:

        I also work with a bunch of sport science guys, so I’ll just echo you: Word.

        Compression is the new snake oil.

      • Austin says:

        Came here to say the same thing. Like other buzzword products – elevation masks (also covered here very positively by SSD) and ice bath crap come to mine – compression for “performance” is just a fad.

        I am big believer in biomapped, progressive compression for medical reasons – look at compression socks for diabetics with poor circulation and for people prone to DVT. However, those two Stamina claims raise all sorts of bullshit flags.