TNVC – Princeton Tec ABR Mount

Princeton Tec’s newest mounting system, the ABR Mount, is now shipping, exclusively through TNVC. The ABR, or Above The Rail, Mount is an injection-molded nylon mount which sits between the helmet shell and accessory rail. It provides users with a solid platform for attaching Princeton Tec MPLS Lights, freeing up valuable space on the helmet’s accessory rail for other, mission-critical components.

The ABR Mount is compatible with Ops-Core, Crye Precision, and Team Wendy helmets.

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6 Responses to “TNVC – Princeton Tec ABR Mount”

  1. wokka says:

    Love this!!! googling now!!!

  2. Guest says:

    Great… except they don’t ship outside the US. :/ And here I was thinking I can finally get a compatible Petzl Strix adaptor for my Team Wendy helmet (since for some bizarre reason it won’t fit the arc rail 2.0 system). Oh well.

  3. Autem Novus handles there international sales. Contact them.

  4. Poser Douche says:

    Compatible with both ballistic and non-ballistic (plastic & carbon) shells?

    Owning an Ops-Core ballistic and a Team Wendy non-ballistic, these two have very different shell thickness and this looks like it goes around the shell and the short end fits between the shell and padding. And it doesn’t seem adjustable.

    • Ryan says:

      Poser Douche,

      There are 2 scribes molded into the polymer allowing the user to snap the mount to the desired width/height. We did our best to ensure proper fit on most applications, but as with everything, it may take a little ingenuity on your end to make it perfect. Please feel free to call us (800 257 9080) for further details, we will be posting a video soon.