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ORSM 18 – Princeton Tec SNAP

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

SNAP is a modular light system which can be configured as a headlamp, flashlight, and bike light, thanks to its magnetic base which snaps into the different carriers. It offers 200 lumens at up to 130 hours on 3 AAA batteries and is rated at IPX4 (splashing water).

Princeton Tec is working on a tactical version.

Warrior East 18 – Princeton Tec Vizz

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Built specifically for tactical applications, Vizz is Princeton Tec’s new flagship headlamp for this market.

It offers five modes including Spot High at 420 lumens dimmable to 15 lumens, IR, Red, Green and Blue. It’s powered by three AAA batteries and is certified IPX7 (1m waterproof). With batteries, the Vizz weighs just 3.2 oz.

The Vizz can also be had in a Modular MPLS variant which will attach to night vision shrouds. There is also a spark-proof, intrinsically safe version.

Available now from www.princetontec.com.

Warrior East 2017 – Princeton Tec Byte Tactical

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

The new Byte Tactical is based in the commercial variant. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, it features a white spot (100 lumens) and a red flood at up to 96 hours. The big difference is that there is a lockout mode ro avoid light NDs and so that the light won’t vampire the batteries to empty when not in use.


ORWM – Princeton Tec

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Princeton Tec has three updated products for the outdoor market.

First off is the Axis is based on the Synch. They’ve added a button and rheostat-like switch on the side which allow you to control the various functions which include Red, Spot and Flood with 200 peak lumens dimmable to 5 lumens. When you’ve reached either high or low lumens, the light will flash momentarily. Available in rechargeable and 3 x AAA batteries with a max runtime of 117 hours at the low spot setting.

Next up is the addition to the Helix lantern line. The Backcountry lantern is now rechargeable with a collapsible globe and legs.

Last, but not least is the Aqua Strobe. Essentially, they replaced the Xenon bulb with an LED lamp.  It is positively buoyant and will float with the head up so it’s always visible. The waterproof light offers 100 lumes with visibility over one mile. One AA battery runs for 12 hours.

Princeton Tec lights are available for Unit and Agency purchase from ADS Inc.


ORSM – Princeton Tec Axis Headlamp

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Offering 200 lumens max output, the new Princeton Tec Axis allows you to dial the output up and down via the side knob. In addition to the White spot and flood LEDs, the Axis also features two Red Ultrabright LEDs. The internal battery offers up to 117 hours of burn time and the light is prodded to IPX4 specs.

Recharging the light through the mini USB port. There will also be a AAA model.


Warrior East – Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Lantern In Subdued Colors

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

On the heels of commercial success of the Helix family of lanterns, Princenton Tec is introducing a subdued version in OD/Coyote as well as Black/Grey.

The Helix lanterns feature collapsible globes and come with red and white light settings, and an output of 250 lumens, with the exception of the Backcountry, which outputs 150 lumens. Run time is 22-40 hours, depending on the model.

Can you believe this lantern is only $34.95 retail (3x AAA, rechargable also available)?


TNVC – Princeton Tec ABR Mount

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Princeton Tec’s newest mounting system, the ABR Mount, is now shipping, exclusively through TNVC. The ABR, or Above The Rail, Mount is an injection-molded nylon mount which sits between the helmet shell and accessory rail. It provides users with a solid platform for attaching Princeton Tec MPLS Lights, freeing up valuable space on the helmet’s accessory rail for other, mission-critical components.

The ABR Mount is compatible with Ops-Core, Crye Precision, and Team Wendy helmets.


OR – Princeton Tec Update

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Princeton Tec is upgrading their headlamps for 2016.  For example, the APEX is bumping up to 330 lumens from 275.


Also, the AMP 1 is doubling from 45 to 90 lumens and the AMP 3.5 is going from 100 to 170 lumens.


However, they’ve also introduced the new T1 and T2 which is handheld light rich with features. Both offer 250 lumens with the smaller of the two offering a 1:15 of regulated light and the larger, with more juice at 3:30 of regulated light. Regulated light means that it is consistent until the battery is dead. It is designed to fit universal light mounts for weapons and has a strike bezel as well as a deep carry clip to keep the light out of sight when carried in your pocket.