Worldwide Buying Group Adds SRSP/Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit ammo and other lines

Worldwide Buying Group picks up Team Never Quit Ammunition line and other Snake River Shooting Products lines to Dealer Network!

Kent, WA – (April 12, 2016) Worldwide , The Independent Retailers Buying Group has picked up a myriad of product offerings from Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. (SRSP).

SRSP manufactures the “Team Never Quit” ammunition line in partnership with retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell of Operation Red Wings (Lone Survivor). They produce the best possible ammunition with the cutting edge technological innovations demanded by the industry’s top professionals. TNQ also offers a line of US made reloading brass.

SRSP also manufactures Drone Munition, a shot shell solution for drone based threats! Perfect for self and home defense, as well as water fowl hunting, this steel based shot solution brings awareness for the growing concerns over drone based threats.

Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc provides a full service support system for assisting young and established companies in setting up a strategic distribution system for their products into all channels of the market including Government, Law Enforcement, Commercial, International and OEM. SRSP focuses on companies with a great track record, and a heart for Veterans! These brands are being made available to the Worldwide network, and include great brands such as Shooters World – canister reloading powders, Triumph Systems – reactive targets, Sure Shot – binary explosive targets, Ledwave – precision LED lighting, Maker Bullets – solid copper solutions, Firecone – survival tool, Lucid Optics, Van’s Basting Sauces, and Bullseye Camera – long range shooting camera.

Snake River also makes up a key part of the Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB), an organization made up of companies who have a focus on assisting military veterans and their families. The other founding members are: Axleson Tactical – a line of custom firearms created by the family of Navy SEAL Matthew Axelson who was KIA in Operation Redwings; Reaper Outdoors – media group and producer of Reaper Ammunition; and SEAL 1 gun care products. The VFOB is a growing organization which is made up of companies and their brands which will be vetted for their support of Veterans, their customer service, warranty programs, and overall product quality. The VFOB, and their mission is to give consumers a product option they can count on, while at the same time assisting great foundations such as the Lone Survivor Foundation, Matthew Axelson Foundation, Special Operations Wounded Warrior, Navy SEAL Foundation, and many others!

“Being part of one of the longest standing buying groups in the shooting industry is an absolute honor.” shared Casey Betzold, President of SRSP, “They have a long standing reputation for high quality brick and mortar dealers, who lead the way in their individual markets around the country. We see this as the perfect location for our family of brands to make their way to the consumer base.”


2 Responses to “Worldwide Buying Group Adds SRSP/Marcus Luttrell’s Team Never Quit ammo and other lines”

  1. Greg says:

    That Drone Munition is going to make for some interesting lawsuits.

    “I thought it was a bird, your honor!” “Then why were you using Drone Munition?”