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Sneak Peek – MagPod

Here’s a Sneak peek of the patent pending M3 PMAG version of MagPod; even though the M3 PMAG baseplate slides on from the rear, they decided to make their version slide in from the FRONT, which allows them to keep the patented “forward biased” foot that MagPod is known for.

No firm release date yet – they are still evaluating the retaining clip options (one-piece vs two-piece) to see which holds up better to drop testing.


One Response to “Sneak Peek – MagPod”

  1. Blake Slamson says:

    People actually use this?

    Not trying to bash the product, I’m really trying to understand how this can be practical & better than either a lightweight bipod (grippod or similar) or, if you really can’t use that, just rest on the mag if a proper, stable support isn’t necessary.