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RE Factor Tactical – Drive-by Kit

I haven’t run across a pouch like one of these in awhile. The idea behind the Drive-by Kit is that it can be attached to a headrest for ease of access or quickly detached and removed from the vehicle to treat wounded or load carriage for munitions or other equipment.

The Drive-by Kit can carry two AR style magazines on the exterior of the pouch, while the interior contains multiple bungee retention straps.

Built from 1000D Cordura, works with any vehicle headrest due to Velcro attachment system yet offers PALS compatibility as well. There’s even a simple clip if that’s the fastest way to attach it to your kit while you “get off the X”.

Made in the USA and available in Black, Tan and MultiCam.


16 Responses to “RE Factor Tactical – Drive-by Kit”

  1. Gizmo says:

    A mini combat medic pouch!

  2. Invictus says:

    In the thumbnail it looks like a tactical sporran. I dig it. Is there a molle field on the back? I couldn’t ever see the back of the pouch.

  3. Jon, OPT says:

    The Marz item, in fact all the Marz items, are no longer available until the company gets operations back on its feet. The Marz held three mags, and was a triple shingle with a dedicated IFAK on front.

  4. Bill says:

    The Marz kit was the one I was thinking of; the name escaped me. This looks worth a try, if Marz is having issues. I’m really leery of leaving things like spare mages easily visible in my cruiser, there are enough smash and grabs from LE vehicles, even if the can’t get the AR out of the mount. My 10-Speed rig lives rolled up between the seats where it isn’t so obvious.

    Still can’t figure out how this attaches together; the Marz harness was pretty obvious.

    • Gizmo says:

      Looks like the red pull strap just friction fits into the webbing of the harness and the pouch probably judging from the video.

      • zac says:

        You could always replace their red tabs with molly stix with a red paracord pull to better secure it to the mounting base.

  5. Brian says:

    Honestly, as a civilian, hanging magazines on my headrest just screams “there’s an expensive rifle in my car” to any would be thief. I like the idea of a portable magazine bag, but t needs to be low profile.

  6. JKifer says:

    honor point usa has a sweet vehicle mountable quick release gsw/ifak pouch